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Tesla Sabre
Category Unconventional
Cost 5
Standard Clip Size 60 seconds
Standard Clip Cost 3
Requirements 8 Dexterity
Origin Standard

Description: For copyright reasons we're not allowed to give you any sort of “Laser sword”, but we've done one better; we've made a sword out of lightning. Basically a miniaturized Tesla Arc, firing arcs a few thousand times a second, with the arcs contained within a protective field. It doesn't so much cut as burn, electrocute, melt and generally vaporize  anything it touches. Try not to trip while carrying it.

Its a fairly compact handle with an ergonomic grip designed to fit in your hand. Set in the center of the handle is a pressure switch; all the user has to do is squeeze to activate the blade and loosen their grip to deactivate it. A circular hand guard projects around top, protecting the user from the rather nasty looking series of metal prongs and protrusions that direct the electrical discharges.

The Tesla Sabre has two small dials on the handle. On controls the length of the blade, and the other controls the power. A longer blade and higher power uses the battery faster.

It is not recommended to use it near metal surfaces.

Old style tesla sabres used an automanipulator field to contain the electricity, but new ones use a metal pole instead. Any old ones can be upgraded for free.