Nyars is a NPC that hangs in the back room of the Impending Doom bar. He sells research materials, aliens artifacts, prototypes, and random junk, all "liberated" from R&D. The catch is, everything he sells comes wrapped up; you won't know what you've bought until you've opened the box.


Nyars, presumably

Nyars doesn't offer refunds.

While you can't know what exactly you're buying, every box has a prominently displayed designation on it; these are used by R&D to categorize stuff. Nyars offers 5 random boxes for sale at a time, at variable prices.

Nyars boxes were originally categorized by the Color Solid Dash system (the Old System). Around the time of Missions 16-18, this was changed to the "old", tag-based classification system (the New System). In this interest of clarity for figuring out the Tag system, Artifacts under the old system have been moved off this page.[1]

The Tag SystemEdit

Artifacts under this system are created with a random generator made by Piecewise.[2][3] Artifacts acquired by players during previous missions can still show up, though. Artifacts under this system vary in price, and can be quite expensive.

The new system uses a set of tags to classify artifacts. The first known designation is UCH-ADU-EP-Uj129 "Flamboyant Spark", which was responsible for the Second Halloween Event, and is presumed destroyed.

The Nyars StoreEdit

Artifacts currently available for saleEdit


  • 7 tokens
  • A small, metal box, maybe 7 inches long and 2 tall and wide.


  • 8 tokens
  • A cube container that resembles an oversized ring box.


  • 9 tokens
  • A spherical package about the size of a basket ball

Active ArtifactsEdit

CAS-CAF-RP-Pm225: DECEITFUL IVORY (Purchased by Eddie Gracerei)

  • 2 tokens
  • A heavy duty looking box
  • "Nuclear dong"

CAS-CUR-SR-NW: SALUBRIOUS BORDER (Purchased by Auron Kell)

  • 4 tokens
  • A large box
  • 4 bright orange objects, seems almost like tusks or rib bones. They heal injuries when touched to the injured area, though something seems off about the healed tissue.

LAC-LMS-Um10 ROMANTIC BEGGAR (Purchased by Maurice Sanctor)

  • 3 tokens
  • A long, rectangular box, about 4-5 inches high and wide, and maybe a foot and a half long.
  • The box contains what appear to be microscope slides, though much more heavy duty then normal in terms of construction. They're squares of thick plastic held together with a metal frame. Sandwiched between the plastic slides are thin sheets of what look like metallic tissue membranes.  The box, which has clearly been made to hold the slides, with little separate compartments for each one, holds maybe 25 slides.

ICH-OT-IS-Po13 PRECIPITATE MASK (Purchased by Maurice Sanctor)

  • 4 tokens
  • A relatively small box, maybe 5 or 6 inches to a side.
  • Not radioactive.

ICH-OT-CL-Pm1523 SPOOKY GARROW (Purchased by Maurice Sanctor)

  • 2 tokens
  • A large envelope of sorts, make of thick, opaque plastic.
  • A tiedye shirt. After staring at it for a moment, the spiraling colors move, twisting and blurring into a technicolor whirlpool. The colors leak off the shirt and infect the world, staining the ship and Maurice's flesh with neon hues.[4]

ICH-BT-WE-Pa423 AMIABLE AMBER (Owned by Cthunkan)

  • 10 tokens
  • This is quite a large box, maybe two feet by 2 feet, by 10-12 inches tall.
  • Inside is a metal case, with 576 small metal disks each a hypodermic needle protruding from the center. Provides different effects when injected.

LAC-LMS-Uj284 LIMPID FAN (Purchased by Dr. Maurice Sanctor)

  • 6 tokens
  • Very large, egg-shaped box
  • A cube of orange jelly. Touching things to the jelly will turn them explosive.

ICH-HA-FO-Uj309 FRIABLE WISH (Confiscated by Miyamoto de Bergerac)

  • 3 tokens
  • A small egg shaped container.
  • A bag containing 6 oddly geometric candies. One of them created Cthunkan

ICH-BT-IS-Xo1625 DIVINE ULFIRE (Purchased by Leonardo Jamison)

  • 3 tokens
  • A large rectangular box, about a foot long and wide, maybe 8 inches tall.
  • A neatly folded cloth object; it looks like a fine, green metallic mesh. It crawled under Leonardo's skin when he touched it. It protected him from (or helped him absorb) an electricity based attack.[5]

CNI-UM-Ui830 SULLEN MOON (Purchased by the Common Soldiers' Union)

  • 5 tokens
  • Several long, but shallow rectangular boxes bound together with straps.

Lost ArtifactsEdit

Known artifacts that have been lost or destroyed


  • The artifact responsible for the 2014 Halloween Event. Sucked part of the sword into some sort of digital pocket dimension after 'bonding' with a research assistant. Presumed destroyed at the conclusion of the event, shot with a laser first - prompting a violent reaction - and then left inside the anomaly after Auron uses his Christmas potion to make time slow down to a crawl and act while almost everything is frozen.

Artifacts no longer for saleEdit


  • 3 tokens
  • A shrink wrapped capsule


  • 6 tokens
  • Another shrink wrapped capsule, with a different shape


  • 7 tokens
  • Another box, wrapped in a copper mesh


  • 5 tokens
  • A long rectangular box, about two and a half feet long, and 5 inches wide and tall.
  • A metallic rod which extends from the center of a handle, so that if you were to hold the handle, the rod would come out between your middle and ring fingers. The handle is a blackish enamel while the rod is a bright blue, and it's surface looks like crinkled tinfoil, but feels smooth.
  • absurdly radioactive.


  • 20 tokens
  • Too big to fit on Nyars' table, stashed elsewhere
  • It was a vehicle, very powerful. A sort of bio-organic goo that you get inside and pilot via brains. Lets you become a blob monster.
  • Not radioactive


  • 12 tokens
  • Also too big to fit on Nyars' table, stashed elsewhere
  • Not radioactive


  • 4 tokens
  • A long cylindrical container that is about two feet long.


  • 6 tokens.
  • A small, hard metal case.


  • 2 tokens
  • A very large rectangular box, about 6 or so feet tall and 3 wide.


  • 5 tokens
  • A standard egg shaped container that has been wrapped in copper mesh and contained within a clear plastic box.


Format: <Major origin>-<Secondary origin>-<Type>-<Danger rating><Specific Threats (0-3)>

Origin tagsEdit

  • Intentionally Created by Humans (ICH)
    • Historical artifact (HA)
    • Mundane Prototype (MP)
    • Prototype utilizing alien substances or unknown effects(AP)
    • Banned Technology(BT)
    • Obsolete or Divergent form of current objects or technology(OT)
  • Unintentional Created by Humans (UCH)
    • Accidental Discovery using mundane means(ADM)
    • Accidental discovery or invention using unknown processes or effects(ADU)
    • Byproduct of a process or object/organism utilized or created by humans.(BCH)
    • Byproduct of a disaster or accident caused by human actions or interference.(BDH)
  • Believed to have been created by humans, but intent unknown. (HIU)
    • Quiet world artifact(QWA)
    • Tomb world artifact(TWA)
    • Mod-Human Artifact(MHA)
    • De-civilized world Artifact(DWA)
    • Extinct world artifact(EWA)
    • Divergent Evolution world artifact(DEWA)
  • Created By a non-intelligent process (CNI)
    • Mundane sample of extraterrestrial origin(MS)
    • Sample of material which displays unique or anomalous properties properties(UM)
    • Sample that has yet to be examined, properties unknown(UEX)
    • Sample which displays properties which clash or subvert understood reality.(SSB)
  • Created by an alien Species (CAS)
    • Creation of a sentient race(CSR)
    • Creation of Semi-sentient or tribal/undeveloped race(CUR)
    • Creation or product of alien Fauna(CAF)
    • Creation or Product of alien Flora(CPF)
    • Creation or product of unknown alien lifeforms(CUL)
  • Is an alien creature or seemingly organic specimen of non-earth origin. (LAC)
    • Living independent specimen (LIS)
    • Fossilized or preserved specimen (PSE)
    • Symbiote or living tool (SLT)
    • Living material or unspecialized substance(LMS)
    • Sentient Specimen(SSP)
    • Questionable specimen, organic nature not confirmed, but suspected. (QUS)
  • Unknown origin (UO)

Type tagsEdit

  • Storage (ST)
  • Tool (TO)
  • Furniture (FU)
  • Weapon (WE)
  • Structural or Raw Material (SR)
  • Clothing (CL)
  • Energy Generation or storage (EG)
  • Information storage or Artificial Intelligence (IS)
  • Food (FO)
  • Cultural, art or Nonspecific use (CU)
  • Healthcare (HE)
  • Vehicle (VE)
  • Appliance (AP)
  • Raw Material (RM)
  • Effect or Process (EP)
  • Alternate configuration or modification of existing object (AC)
  • Waste product (WP)
  • Reject or incomplete (RI)
  • Reproductive product (RP)
  • Discarded or shed (DS)
  • Bodily fluids (BF)
  • Remnants of cause (RC)
  • Debris or Matter altered by the accident (DA)
  • Matter created by the incident (MC)

Danger ratingsEdit

  • Unknown or Variable risks (Xo)
  • Inherently Benign (Ib)
  • Neutralized (Ne)
  • Predictable Risks:Minor (Pm)
  • Predictable Risks:Moderate (Po)
  • Predictable Risks:Major (Pa)
  • Unpredictable Risks:Minor (Ui)
  • Unpredictable Risks:Moderate (Um)
  • Unpredictable Risks:Major (Uj)

Specific threatsEdit

  • Organ damage (1)
  • Brain damage (2)
  • Mutation (3)
  • Physical properties alteration (4)
  • Enhanced susceptibility (5)
  • Involuntary actions (6)
  • Physical Imprisonment (7)
  • Hostile Sentience or intent (8)
  • Fusion (9)
  • High Destructive Capacity (10)
  • Existential Threat (11)
  • Exposure to outside mental or physical threats (12)
  • Dismemberment (13)
  • Mind Intrusion (14)
  • Hallucinations (15)
  • Psychosis (16)
  • Possession (17)
  • Parasitism (18)
  • Thought or personality alteration (19)
  • Sudden Reality Failure (20)
  • Damage to Machinery (21)
  • Physical Corruption (22)
  • Mental Corruption (23)
  • Clinging (24)
  • Radiation (25)
  • Disease (26)
  • Flammable (27)
  • Explosive (28)
  • Poisonous (29)
  • Reality Distortion (30)
  • Bystander Risk (31)