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Mk II Suit
Category Armors
Cost 5
Standard Clip Size N/A
Standard Clip Cost N/A
Requirements N/A
Origin Standard

Description: An improved version of the standard issue Mk I Suit. Generally streamlined and less bulky, it also includes a trauma apprehension system to drastically increase the survivability of the user. Strategically placed airtight irises close to halt suit decompression and sever damaged tissue while internal systems cauterize injuries and administer a wide variety of drugs to do anything from numb pain to put the user into a death like state to survive fatal injuries while waiting for extraction. Long story short, this thing will will keep you alive, even if it has to lop off all your limbs to do it.

Secret FeaturesEdit

  • "Automatic User-selected injection system" which allows the user to input their own substances and designate when the suit should inject them. [1]
  • "Decapitation" button for easy head carrying of dead teammates.