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Laser Rifle
Category Conventional
Cost 2 tokens
Standard Clip Size 30 seconds
Standard Clip Cost 1 token
Requirements None
Origin Standard

Description: An infantry weapon left over in great numbers due to its use in the Altered Wars. It's really not much more then a metal box stuffed with stripped down focusing arrays and a laser emitter, all roughly affixed to a rifle stock and trigger. It is cheap, easy to make and built under the assumption that it is going to be destroyed relatively quickly. This is the kind of weapon meant to be lost in the guts of something nightmarish, right along with its user, who is equally disposable. It has good power for its size and cost though; just keep in mind that the beam isn't visible to normal human eyes.

The laser rifle has two small dials, both of which go from one to ten. One controls the intensity of the laser, and the other controls the diffusion. By default diffusion is at max and intensity is at minimum. Currently, it is unknown how much intensity increases the laser's damage and power draw.

The laser rifle also has a small keypad, which lets you program in a radio frequency so you can have the rifle fire remotely.