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Kinetic Amplifier
Category Unconventional
Cost 3
Standard Clip Size 50
Standard Clip Cost 1
Requirements None
Origin Standard

Description: It looks like a glove! It hits like a rocket propelled semi-truck! This thing amplifies the kinetic force from your blows by up to a square of the original force without increasing the reactive force felt by the user. May not seem like much, but when 3000 newtons becomes 9000000 newtons you'll gain a new respect for exponential growth. Warning: Do not scratch your nose.

The kinetic amp is a patch the size of a postage stamp. It can be added to any blunt surfaces to increase the kinetic force. It can not be used to amplify any bladed or pointed weapons.

The kinetic amp is a type of automanipulator. Every time the front of the kinetic amp is hit by something, the kinetic amp registers that input and then activates its "automanipulator" to multiply that force and project it in the opposite direction right in front of the kinetic amp. The amplification does NOT create an equal and opposite reaction.

Combining two kinetic amps can be used for a bomb like effect. It squares the square of the force, creating a massive shockwave. There is a lot of energy lost through heat and radiation though at this level though, because if the forces it amplifies pass a specific threshold the amplification gets less and less efficient. There's also an increased chance of the kinetic amp breaking as the forces applied to it become larger.

Due to Lurker corruption, kinetic amp output is no longer consistent. It can be much weaker or much stronger than expected.