Here you will find the general guidelines and rules for editing this wiki.

Wiki rules Edit

  • Please refrain from posting bigotry, racism, sexism or anything like that. Honestly, if you need this explained to you, you're probably too immature for this game anyways.
  • No spamming a page or continuously adding/removing/changing content when you have been told not to, or when it's obvious you're in the wrong. If you want to discuss the point further, use the talk page of that topic or message Radio Controlled (or leave a message on my talk page).
  • Stay on topic. If you feel the need to rant or discuss unrelated things, go to the ER OOC thread.
  • Obviously, no links to illegal material of any kind. Should not be a problem, but just to be sure.
  • Just like the forum this game originated on, keep everything family-friendly and PG-rated.

Editing guidelines Edit

  • Always try to follow the existing format or layout: this makes the wiki consistent and easy to use. If you aren't sure what that entails, go to a similar page and check out what that one looks like.
  • It is appreciated if you add a little description of your edit before submitting it. Even something short like 'fixed typo' helps to see what you changed at a glance.
  • If you are not logged in, any edits you do will be made under 'a wikia contributor'. You can leave your name or initials in the description of your edit. If you don't, nobody will know it was you who uploaded that beautiful mission summary, so you miss out on some great bragging rights!
  • Adding a new page for already existing lists (like Armory items or character descriptions) is always good, but when creating entirely new categories or changing lay-out or structure of a page, it's probably best to first propose it on the Community Discussion page. This is to avoid needing excessive reorganization later on.
  • Adding links to your page (as well as others) to the relevant pages is encouraged, since this makes navigating the wiki easier.
  • It's a good idea to read this before editing. It contains useful info about using the visual and source editors.
  • Please try to use the "==Section==" and "===Subsection===" tools described there if possible. It makes the page easier to read, easier to navigate (since it automatically generates a table of contents) and easier to edit(since you can edit individual sections).
  • You can find some info on using templates here.
  • One can use the following code to hide spoilers, if you want to (thanks to Paris for this). Example:

===What a twist!===

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" data-expandtext="Spoiler: Click to show" data-collapsetext="Spoiler: Click to hide" style="float: left;">

Turns out, Steve was the cat all along! </div> Translates to:

What a twist!Edit

Turns out, Steve was the cat all along!