Cog Anrizkalur
User Kisame12794
Gender Male
Age 17
Profession Technician
Role Human Spaceship
First Mission 4 (China-9)
Missions Survived 1
Reason assigned to HMRC Posession, Modification, and Discharge of an Unregistered Firearm
Status Dead


At character creationEdit


Current (Out of Armor)Edit

7' 150lbs, covered in scars of varying size and shape. Almost completely covered in a bony 'armor', except for a fleshy growth on his back.

Current (In Armor)Edit

Personal InformationEdit

Even from an early age, Cog has always loved to tinker. Whether it be a toaster, microwave, or rifle, Cog will take it apart and make it more killy. Unfortunately he spent most of his time in his workshop, and isn't very good with people.

Cause of Death: Vaporized himself with a Nyars artifact.



Strength 4 0
Dexterity 3 0
Endurance 6 +1/3
Charisma 1 -1
Intelligence 7 +1/3
Willpower 4 0


Speech 0 -1
Intuition 2 0
(B) Handiwork 6 +1 +2/3
Conventional 0 -1
Unconventional 0 -1
(P) Exotic 0 -2
Auxiliary 0 -1
Medical 0 -1

Mission historyEdit

Mission 4