This is a list of all the various weapons and equipment that can be bought from the armory. Make your purchases in this thread.

Normal items have no special designation. Note that there are several items on this list that are standard equipment but aren’t listed in the OP (e.g. grenades).

Prototypes that have been approved of are included, with the name of original designer(s) added. Prototypes that have not been approved of (yet) are included in their own category at the end.

All weapons come with 1 magazine/battery of ammunition, unless noted otherwise. Extra ammunition is available for a price. You may buy things for others but may not pool your tokens. You are allowed to lend tokens to other players.

Items can be sold back to the armory at half price, or full price if they haven't been used or taken on mission.

Items get repaired for free after missions.


Additional InformationEdit

For more information on any item, click on it to go to its own page. Alternatively, if you want to know about how effective a weapon is, you can look it up on the Weapon Statistics page. However do note that the page is not as up to date as the armory and that the effectiveness of weapons relies largely on rolls.

For anyone looking to get cheaper access to items, we are creating the Player Market page. Here, you can post items in your inventory as for sale or for rent, providing us with a centralized area to look at all such items.

A list of all items using the Armory Item template can be found here: Category: Armory Item

Weight ClassesEdit

Some weapons have a certain weight class. That means that they require your body to be physically capable of lifting heavy objects. In that case, strength levels work like this:

Human < Robot < Exoskeleton < Synthflesh < Battlesuit Assaultsuit (twice that of battlesuit) < Avatar

That means that someone with a synthflesh body can use a weapon that needs an exoskeleton, but someone cannot use a weapon designed for an avatar of war with an exoskeleton. If someone does not meet the strength requirement for a weapon, then they either roll strength every time they use that piece of equipment (with things such as loss of arms being possible in a bad roll) or are outright unable to lift that piece of equipment.

(Note that the Strength stat is unrelated to weight classes. Even someone with +4 strength will have to roll to use a heavy gauss canon with a normal human body. They will just be more likely to suceed their roll.)

Space MagicEdit

Amplifier and Manipulator differencesEdit

Note that manipulators tend to be stronger and more precise than amps and you can switch brains once they're tired, but they are worse at prolonged effects, they are larger, they take more time to use (at least 5-10 seconds, meaning it's hard/impossible to use them to react and protect yourself from danger), they are easier to overuse and have their brains hurt, they require medical skill to precisely determine how hurt the brains are, they require auxilliary skill to switch brains and the brains cannot level up. If you're using amps on the other hand, you can tell exactly how tired you are and how tiring something is before you attempt it (assuming no space magic is involved) but it is your brain on the line, getting affected by strange and horrible effects that can result in anything from stat changes to your brain bleeding. And don't forget about the ominous Amp usage counter in your attributes...[1]

Dangerous corruption of Origin techEdit

The Lurker has infected origin tech, making it much more unstable and unpredictable[2]:

  • The use of amps and manips has become far more dangerous. An amplifier can only be used without extra danger a number of times equal to your exotic level and a manipulator a number of times equal to your unconventional level. Any uses more than that and you start getting increasingly hard rolls in the background. The more you use it, the more unstable it becomes, and if you use it too much, you might end up harboring something none too friendly.
  • Synthflesh seems mostly unaffected so long as it remains in relatively small quantities. However, too much of it or putting it in close proximity to amps and manips can result in strange effects.
  • Kinetic amps seem to be unaffected for the large part but their outputs are more difficult to guess now, and can often be under or overpowered.
  • Automanipulators have become very unpredictable. This means that we're gonna be going light on the automanips from now on, so I hope you like no artificial gravity. Better than gravity suddenly jumping up to 30 times. Or becoming thermal energy. Or becoming kittens.

Armory: regular itemsEdit


Weap Wall Render 03


(note: In the case of lasers and some other weapons, batteries are rated by time rather than shots. A 50 second battery can be used for a continuous 50 second beam or 50, 1 for a pulses or anything in between)

All guns have standardized rail systems for mounting attachments.

Cost | Item Name

1 | Hand Laser

Description: The standard issue hand laser is a medium power laser built into the shape of a fully articulated glove and replaces the ordinary protective suit's glove. A simple weapon that requires the user to simply point his index finger at what needs to be dead and then flex his thumb to fire. Contrary to popular opinion, going “Pew Pew” while firing is not necessary. It's also generally worthless because it's so underpowered; try not to rely on it for anything important, like saving your life.
Ammo: Generator. 3 second continuous output before overheat.

1 | Blaster Pistol

Description: The smallest cousin of the Blueshard Blasters line, the blaster pistol (or 'blistol') uses a blueshard battery to allow for 20 microsecond pulses per clip equaling about 5 seconds of laser rifle power per shot. It fires short, pulsed laser shots, not a continuous beam. Blueshard becomes grey dust once it's spent. It's a very small and inconspicuous sidearm, small enough for concealed carry or for pilots in tight vehicles.
Ammo: Blueshard battery. 20 shots (or 1 overcharged shot). 1 token.
Designed by Miyamoto de Bergerac.

2 | "Red Hand" Electrolaser

Description: The standard issue Hand Laser, rebuilt into a large armored gauntlet and given a more powerful generator. While the laser itself is still just as pathetic, the presence of any gas - such as air - between you and your target will let you fling small, precisely targeted bolts of lightning with it. Perfect for crowd control and magic shows. Using it underwater may be unwise.
Ammo: Generator. 5 second output before overheat.
Designed by Anton "Blackeye" Chernozorov

2 | Laser Rifle

Description: An infantry weapon left over in great numbers due to its use in the Altered Wars. It's really not much more then a metal box stuffed with stripped down focusing arrays and a laser emitter, all roughly affixed to a rifle stock and trigger. It is cheap, easy to make and built under the assumption that it is going to be destroyed relatively quickly. This is the kind of weapon meant to be lost in the guts of something nightmarish, right along with its user, who is equally disposable. It has good power for its size and cost though; just keep in mind that the beam isn't visible to normal human eyes.
Ammo: Battery. 120 seconds of continuous fire. 1 token.

2 | Gauss Rifle

Description: Another Weapon left over in great numbers from the Altered wars. It accelerates a lump of metal to extremely high speeds via electromagnetic coils. This is not a complex idea; you point the end with the hole toward what you want dead, pull the trigger and hope whatever it is your shooting has a fatal allergic reaction to high speed metal. The internal bits might be high tech, but the general concept of the good ol' fashion death tube hasn't changed in thousands of years.
Ammo: Magazine. 10 round Magazine. 1 token.
Stat Restriction: +0 Strength

2 | Arranger

Description: The major problem many conventional users face is their inability to deal with threats that laugh off a good old fashioned high speed metal slug to the face. The Arranger is an attempt to give Conventional soldiers access to the reality defying “space magic” that other more specialized units use. The Arranger itself is a simple and quite cheap weapon, which resembles a handgun with an oversized and elongated barrel. The gun itself isn't the interesting thing however, it's the bullet that matters. The bullets are large bronze colored cylinders that contain highly specific arrangements of matter. When activated, these arrangements are shifted slightly, producing a “Space magic” effect that is projected out
Ammo: 1,3,5 or 8 tokens or 1 token and one stat point when fired. Various effects available.

3 | Universal Chemical Thrower

Description: The Universal Chemical Thrower (or ‘super soaker’ for its friends) is a simple gun body with some tubing for throwing various chemicals out at high speeds. There are currently two types of ammo available, such as namite (big brother of napalm) and sticky goop.
Ammo: Canister. 10 bursts. 1 token.
Designed by Pancaek Nilys (namite) and Miyamoto de Bergerac (Sticky goop).

3 | "Brisant" Gauss Grenade Launcher

Description: The Brisant is essentially the same as the standard Gauss Rifle, however the caliber has been increased to 50mm and the magnetic coils dialed back to one-quarter the original strength. With a computer system in the launcher corresponding with small processors in the grenades, there are multiple ways to override the grenades' detonators - default setting lets the grenade reach 5 meters from the weapon before it can detonate (on impact).
In effect: Distressingly cheap and effective, with one instance where a single HE grenade took out the entire front of a civilian building.
Ammo: Grenades. Comes with either 1 high-explosive grenade or 1 fragmentation grenade. 1 token for a pack of 3
Designed by Simulacrus "Simus" Ferratum-Inanis

3 | Hand Cannon

Description: The Hand Cannon is an interesting beast; part weapon and support system, it resembles an oversized flare gun with a large barrel. It uses magnetic repulsion to fire large shells of varying kinds over long distances but at relatively low velocities. The majority of the Hand Cannon's rounds consist of a thin shell which breaks apart after leaving the barrel and exposing a glob if highly sticky goo with the actual payload embedded within it. The rounds are meant to be fired and stick to their targets, allowing explosives, tracking systems, cameras and similar things to be quickly and easily affixed to surfaces, even those out of reach. The shells communicate with the gun, which sends signals to the user's wristpad, allowing them to control any of the shells functions.
Ammo: Various. 1 token for 2.

3 | Gungnir Electrolaser Kit MK2

Description:When you shoot a laser, it turns the air to plasma. This plasma conducts electricity. So when you shoot a laser through an electric current, it becomes a lightning gun.
This is a kit that can be mounted on any standard laser weapon. It consists of a generator and second trigger that mount underbarrel, and a spark gap that mounts in front of the barrel. There's a dial on the side that controls power. At full power it delivers almost as much shock as a Tesla Saber, but requires a full turn to recharge.
Ammo: Generator
Designed by Dubley Steptimus

4 | Repeating Gauss Rifle

Description: A Council-developed upgrade to the standard Gauss rifle with triple the ammo capacity and firing rate at twice the cost, but with no Overcharge feature. It uses the same ammunition, so all of the special Gauss rifle rounds can be fired from the RGR, too, just in case firing nine solid iron hypersonic anti-tank rounds in two seconds wasn't enough for you. [Editor's note: It might not be.]
Ammo: Magazine. 30 rounds. 2 per magazine.
Stat Restriction: 0 Strength

4 | Blaster Rifle

Description: The second entry in the Blueshard Blasters line, the blaster rifle (or 'blifle') uses a blueshard battery to allow for 10 microsecond pulses per clip equaling about 5 seconds of cutting laser power per shot, enough to penetrate and kill a target armored with a single layer of battlesuit plate. It fires short, pulsed laser shots, not a continuous beam. Blueshard becomes grey dust once it's spent. About the size of a small gauss rifle.
Ammo: Blueshard battery, 10 shots (or 1 overcharged shot). 1 token per battery.
Designed by Miyamoto de Bergerac.

4 | SS Testament LSW

Description: In effect, this is just a greatly miniaturized Piezoelectric Shard Launcher, with an added automatic function. While it doesn't have the raw power of a Gauss Rifle's 20mm slug, it's still fully capable of killing a man with one shard, and even armored troops will fall easily to volley fire. And if that's not enough, it can release a withering hail of automatic fire, to carve through almost any opposition short of a Battlesuit.
Ammo: Tank. 180 shards worth of fluid. 1 token per tank. Can use a PSL tank, which contains 810 shards worth of fluid and costs 4 tokens.
Stat Restriction: 0 Strength
Designed by Steve Saint

4 | Tesla Arc

Description: The Tesla Arc is the electrical equivalent of a flame thrower. Thermal insulation is common on space worthy gear, but electrical insulation isn't; that flame thrower won't do jack against a man in a good space suit, but putting a lightning bolt through his heart will more then do the trick. The thing burns itself out after a minute of use though, so don't go too wild with it. Also make sure not to stand near anything too conductive. Don't fire it while in a swimming pool.
Options: +3 tokens to replace the electronics
Ammo: Battery. 1 minute. Single-use.
Stat Restriction: Exoskeleton or higher level strength

5 | Crystalline Projector

Description: Developed using artifacts recovered by Faith Valentine, this weapon causes crystalline growths to appear on your targets. These growths restrain movement as well as rapidly growing inward, crushing, impaling and continuing to grow within the target. You may also be able to use it to create vast crystal fields and start a business selling shiny things to hippies and idiots.
Ammo: Black box magazine. 10 shots. 2 tokens per magazine.

5 | Variable Laser Rifle "Spektr"

Description: Developed as a successor to the Laser Rifle, this hand-held free-electron laser gives a considerable increase in firepower and versatility. Although the wavelength adjustments may be confusing to those unable to tell the difference between X-Rays and microwaves, the weapon functions just as well as a standard laser. Even better with the overcharge function, although forgetting to let it cool between shots may have undesirable consequences.
Ammo: Generator.
Stat Restriction: 0 Strength
Designed by Anton "Blackeye" Chernozorov

6 | Rocket Rifle

Description: This thing fires a lot of high speed, explosive rockets instead of bullets. It's a modified version of certain automated guns used in the Altered Wars, though much smaller and no longer controlled by computers with a perfect sense of distance. The rockets are quite powerful, like little frag grenades, but they have a downside: Their range is finicky. It takes a bit for the internal systems to activate so if you are firing at something close to you, the rockets will hit but not detonate. Too far away and they tend to just spray out all over the place, losing accuracy and hitting the ground. At the right range it's deadly, at the wrong range, you're dead.
Ammo: Magazine. 50 rounds. 3 tokens per magazine.
Stat Restriction: 0 Strength

6 | Kugelblitz GML

Description:A launcher that fires optionally guided mini-missiles, this weapon has true sniping capability with a generous maximum range(out to a few kilometers) and great accuracy even with dumbfire rounds. Comes standard with armor piercing and high explosive rounds, and can be equipped to fire nuclear rounds.
Note: guided ammo can do course correction, but doesn't really propel itself, velocity mostly comes from launcher. Armor piercing Mini-missiles can threaten a battlesuit, but 3-4 hits would be needed to reliably kill one.
Ammo: 1 guided rocket per token, or 2 unguided rockets per token
Stat Restriction:Exoskeleton and +0 STR(and +1 AUX if using guided rounds)
Developed by Yancy Hargraves

6 | Weevil Gun

Description: A conventional weapon which uses the “Degeneration” aspect of the glow worm gun. This gun infects the target with microbots which rapidly burrow and eat their way through the target. Though they are limited in lifespan and hence can only eat through so much matter, they are still dangerously effective and more then able to eat through several feet or hundreds of pounds of material.
Ammo: 1 Shot Cartridge for 1 token.

6 | Solid Light Protection Field

Description: Not everyone is able to handle a full solid light generator, so this is an automated system designed for use by our more Conventional Meatheads. It uses a sensor package to monitor the world around it and project a solid light barrier to block anything coming at it at high speed. And by high speed I mean anything more then a friendly softball lob. It's a bit wonky sometimes and isn't as powerful as the “Force field” tech, but its ability to reform and its compact size make it invaluable for stopping conventional weapons. It won't stop a heavy gauss round, but it will slow it down a hell of a lot, and it will stop a gauss round cold, and is particularly good against directed energy. The major downside, however, is that it tends not to play nice with many forms of “Space magic” and high speed movements can cause it to activate. Having it on while you dart around with your MkIII might end up with your bullets hitting the “inside” of the shield wall. And obviously, you can't shoot out while it's on.
Ammo: No ammo, however it does require exposure to light in the 600-700 nanometer wavelength.

6 | Containment Gun

Description: Another solid light projector, this one designed to do one thing: Project a thick sphere of solid light. The usage is quite simple, the gun projects an invisible light beam (Technically ultraviolet in wavelength but off the normal spectrum) and whatever the light beam strikes is then used as the center of the sphere. The sphere's diameter can be modified via a dial on the gun, making a larger or smaller containment field, and once the field is up, it will remain up, allowing the sphere to be moved around and the contents moved with it. The guns are also “Smart” enough to be used in combination with each other: if a containment gun is fired at the established field of another gun, the fields will combine, doubling in thickness. Fire another and it will quadruple. Solid light is, of course, not indestructible, and enough physical force could smash the fields, but the thickness of even a single one of these fields renders it as sturdy as several feet of steel.
Ammo:No ammo, however it does require exposure to light in the 600-700 nanometer wavelength.

7 | "Sibilus" Rocket/Gauss Hybrid Rifle

Description: Invented by the late Nekarios Aurea-Inanis, the Sibilus is a hybrid weapon, a bullpup Gauss rifle with far more Gauss components than a normal rifle and fires rocket rifle rounds. It has a high rate of fire, even higher when the burst fire mode is used, and is capable of both normal and extreme overcharged shots. In tests, it has proved to be a powerful weapon, slicing through MkIII suits and cyborgs with ease, and capable of damaging Battlesuit plate with all but normal shots.
Ammo: Helical magazine. 75 rounds. 4 tokens per magazine.
Stat Restriction: At least Exoskeleton or better strength
Designed by Simulacrus "Simus" Ferratum-Inanis

8 | Blaster Bazooka

Description: The biggest entry in the Blueshard Blasters line so far, this blaster bazooka (or 'blazooka') uses a blueshard battery to allow for only 1 microsecond pulse. This shot however is very powerful, and is capable of crippling, if not outright destroying, a battlesuit. After firing, the waste heat from the shot is dumped into a cooling block (which comes with every clip), after which this now very hot cooling block is ejected from the back of the weapon. Take care nobody you like is standing behind it. Blueshard becomes gray dust once it's spent. About the size of a big RPG launcher.
Ammo: Blueshard battery. 1 shot, each battery comes with a cooling block. 1 token per battery.
Stat Restriction: Exoskeleton or higher strength
Designed by Miyamoto de Bergerac.

8 | Cutting Laser

Description: Originally an industrial tool that was re-purposed because of its capacity to slice through just about anything given enough time. Works best when fired in short bursts and in a slicing motion, though more concentrated fire might be needed against resistant forms of armor. Ridiculously effective against unarmored targets though. The civilian casualties you can cause with this thing are frankly outrageous.
Ammo: Battery. 1 minute. 2 tokens per battery.
Stat Restriction: Exoskeleton or higher strength

8 (6 with own Laser Rifle, 3 with own Tesla Sabre, 1 with both) | "Gungnir" Electro-laser

Description: In principle just a standard Laser Rifle and a Tesla Sabre fitted together with a DIY kit, this weapon combines the two into something that can electrocute your enemies to death at the comfortable range of a hundred meters. Air or some other gas is required between the gun and the target for this to work - otherwise all you have is a Laser Rifle with a fancy bayonet.
Due to Lurker corruption, automanipulator output is highly unpredictable. Both the strength and the nature of its output can be much different than intended.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!
Ammo (Laser Rifle): Battery. 120 seconds of continuous fire. 1 token per battery.
Ammo (Tesla Sabre): Battery. 60 seconds of operation. Can load up to 3 batteries (but comes with 1). 1 token per battery..
Designed by Anton "Blackeye" Chernozorov

9 | High Energy Projector

Description: Made using artifacts recovered by Milno Enedrasi, this weapon fires a large, invisible beam of destruction that melts and vaporizes your targets. It isn't as powerful in terms of penetration compared to something like a Cutting Laser, but it has a huge shot and delivers a sizable amount of kinetic energy with it. Things that aren't outright destroyed tend to get thrown back a good distance regardless.
Ammo: Generator. 1 shot per minute.
Stat Restriction: Exoskeleton or higher strength.

9 | Brainworm Gun

Description: A conventional weapon which uses the “control” aspect of the glow worm gun. The gun- which is single shot and fairly expensive to use- infects things shot with it with microbots that quickly take control of it. These controlled beings follow the commands given via the weapon, and only one being may be controlled with one weapon at a time. This version of the weapon prevents the degradation which the original was prone to.
TEAM KILL HAZARD: Once shot, the infection spreads through the target extremely fast, destroying the original mind or control system. Shooting teammates with this weapon is perma-death unless you have an extremely good and very fast surgeon on hand.
Ammo: Single shot “Maggot” cartridge is 2 tokens.

9 | Auto-Target System

Description: A system designed to work in tandem with standard ARM conventional weapons. The system automatically analyzes targets and gives information about potential weaknesses, attacks, general structural info, and firing solutions. It can store data from any targets analyzed so it need only analyze any particular kind of enemy once. The downside, however, is that analyzing an enemy requires one turn worth of pure observation. Firing solutions can make a shot an almost sure thing but they are touchy, and work best when neither the target or shooter are moving, or are maintaining the same speed, direction and type of movement. The analysis program may fail when confronted with things too far outside the bound of understood parameters.
Ammo: NA

10 | Heavy Gauss Cannon

Description: The UWM have a very simplistic view on enhancing their weapons. This is what happens when you take the Gauss Rifle and make it several times larger and more powerful. This thing fires rounds the size of a football and was originally intended to be affixed to a vehicle and used to fire nuclear tipped shells over great distances. Now-a-days we tend to just lug them by hand and use shells made of a iron-tungsten alloy to punch very large holes in very angry things. Or teammates, depending on the skill of the user. The nuclear tipped rounds are still available though, if you're feeling lucky. As a weapon it is unquestionably effective, but also very ungainly to use because of the weight and recoil.
Ammo: Magazine. 3 rounds. 3 tokens per magazine.
Stat Restriction: Exoskeleton and +2 Strength, minimum.

10 | Multi-Function Power Gauntlet

Description: A large metal gauntlet that extends about halfway up the forearm, with several squat metal bulges on the top and underside. This gauntlet, beyond being a durable armored glove with mechanically enhanced strength, has several neat features built into it: The underside sports a grappling claw (and attached 100 meter cable) which can be fired at targets or the environment. The upper section has a built in pulse laser system and foot long, extending blade. The palm has a built in electrical discharge system not unlike the Tesla Arc, though on a smaller scale obviously. The pointer finger has a built in laser cutter, similar to a cutting torch, and there's a kinetic amp built into the knuckles. The only downside is that the system runs off a shared battery, so overuse can quickly drain it.
Due to Lurker corruption, kinetic amp output is no longer consistent. It can be much weaker or much stronger than expected.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!
Ammo: Internal rechargeable battery.
Stat Restriction: Strength at least +1, or Exoskeleton or higher strength.

10 | 'Doctrine' Shard Autocannon

Description: The midpoint between the Testament and the Piezoelectric Shard Launcher, this weapon is optimized for use against vehicles and other moderately armored targets. While less damaging than the full-size PSL, the Doctrine is much more efficient against targets softer than battlesuits.
Ammo:18 shards worth of fluid. 1 token per tank. Can use a PSL tank, which contains 81 shards worth of fluid and costs 4 tokens.
Stat Restriction: exoskeleton, strength +1
Designed by Steve Saint

11 | Variable Heavy Laser "Raduga"

Description: An industrial free-electron cutting laser, fitted with some extra features and wrapped into a man-portable package. Although the wavelength adjustments may be confusing to those unable to tell the difference between X-Rays and microwaves, the weapon functions just as well as a standard, if more powerful cutting laser. Even better with the overcharge function, although forgetting to let it cool between shots may have undesirable consequences. Effectively a larger, more powerful version of the Spektr.
Ammo: Generator.
Stat Restriction: Exoskeleton or higher level strength
Designed by Anton "Blackeye" Chernozorov

13 | Piezoelectric Shard Launcher

Description: There's a lot of complex crap going on here with the flash solidification of crystal matrices, electrical repulsion and sophisticated metamaterials. That's not important to you; what's important to you is that this gun shoots 2 foot long shards of crystal that impale their target and then explode into electricity. And what's better is that if you hold the trigger rather than just squeeze it, you can drain more of the tank and then fire 10 of those crystals at once. Designed to counter thick armor via extreme penetration and electrical discharge, but will be pretty damn overkill on normal opponents, and might even be less effective depending on the situation. A situational weapon, but great at what it does.
Ammo: Tank. Roughly 30 shots or 3 charged volleys. 4 tokens per tank.
Stat Restriction: Exoskeleton and +2 Strength, minimum.

15 | Plasma Projector

Description: Otherwise known as the lavalamp cannon. This thing fires globs of high energy plasma trapped inside a bubble shaped magnetic field. When it makes contact with something solid, the object passes through the magnetic field and into the burning maelstrom inside. Leaves basketball sized, perfectly spherical holes in anything that gets in it's way until the plasma inside cools or is runs out as it melts through other matter. Because of limitations with the Field Generator, the plasma ball only moves at roughly 90-120 miles an hour, meaning people a few hundred feet away will see it coming, step to the side and then laugh at you as it drifts by. As such, make sure to take take them by surprise. The weapon itself is massively heavy, and combined with the way it fires, it has limited use. Perfect if you want to burn a nice hole through just about anything, but still limited.
Due to Lurker corruption, automanipulator output is highly unpredictable. Both the strength and the nature of its output can be much different than intended.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!
Ammo: Battery. 3 shots. 3 tokens per battery.
Stat Restriction: Synthflesh level strength or higher.

18 | LESHO Rifle

Description: Take a railgun, modify it for extreme accuracy, fit it to fire a quarter kiloton shell, fit that shell with miniature maneuvering rockets and a computer to control them. Then link that computer to a targeting system in the railgun so that it can guide that hypersonic chunk of metal to a target a mile and a half away within a 2 inch margin of error. That's the LESHO Rifle. A weapon for when you need to kill something very dead from very far away. It is very effective but also very situational, since you rarely get the chance to see your targets from that kind of distance in the various claustrophobic nightmare mazes a lot of missions seem to end up in.
Ammo: Magazine. 3 rounds. Extra rounds are sold individually for 2 tokens.
Stat Restriction: Synthflesh if firing from anything but a prone, locked down position. None otherwise.

20 | Fission Instigator

Description: The ultimate in mobile destruction. Point this toward somewhere faaaar away, pull the trigger, and watch the world burn beneath the wrath of a new, short lived star. Actually, probably not a good idea to look directly at it. This thing is stupidly expensive, stupidly heavy and stupidly powerful. It's basically a manipulator overload that you can direct and fire. If you know anything about manipulator overloads, you know that you don't want to be anywhere near that.
Due to Lurker corruption, automanipulator output is highly unpredictable. Both the strength and the nature of its output can be much different than intended.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!
Ammo: Battery. Single use.
Stat Restriction: Synthflesh or higher strength


(Note: Field Manipulators are devices which allow their users to manipulate certain physical constants within a defined area. The area and amplitude of manipulation can be varied, but greater sizes and magnitudes require greater mental capacity. Heating an area the size of a basketball is relatively easy, but manipulating the vectors of a few hundred pieces of shrapnel in a 10 meter sphere is gonna take some serious brain power.)

Cost | Item Name

3,5,7,10, or 13 | Human Brain

Description: A Human Brain enclosed inside a metal dome and fitted with life support systems. For use with a Field Manipulator. Brains, even from the same tier, vary in terms of their potential, so careful use and assessment of capacity is recommended with new brains.

1 | Monoatomic Razor

Description: Everyone wants a damn katana that can cut through anything. Well they don't exist (outside of a few experimental ones that are too good for your greasy fingers) but this is pretty damn close. It's a monoatomically thin filament of metamaterial stretched across a metal frame and vibrating at a high frequency. Causes molecular breakdown upon contact. Effects vary depending on the material being cut through, but it is most often extremely violent. Word of warning: try to avoid cutting through volatile substances.
Stat Restriction: 0 Dexterity.

2 | Electrostick

Description: In design, this thing appears similar to a police baton or small bat with a rubberized handle and a metal mesh wrapped cross its surface. When the weapon is activated, it pumps a variable amount of power across the metal grid, which will subsequently arc into anything hit with the weapon. A taser mixed with a baseball bat. The power deliverable varies between “Stun” and “Fatal” though the latter setting tends to drain the generator's reserves fairly quickly. Remember to hold it by the handle part.

1+ | "Brisant" Hand Grenade

Description:Essentially ammo for the "Brisant" Gauss Grenade Launcher, these grenades are equally suitable for hands-on use. Come in a large variety of flavors, though more exotic types like ClF3 cost more than one token per pack.
Ammo: Sold in packs of 3 grenades.

1 | Intentionally Boring Space Machete

Description: It looks like a space-machete, but actually it... it's a space machete. It does have one trick up its sleeve; it's really sharp. Like, really sharp. No, not that sharp. Well, yes, it's not quite as sharp as certain other weapons on the market, but unlike the force monosword and monoatomic razor , it neither explodes nor explodes the things it hits! Which is is, uh, a good thing? If you don't like explosions for some reason? Let's move on. Yes, uh, it's very sharp you see. What's our secret? The edge of the weapon is made from glorious hexbug steel, folded over ten thousand times. Pretty cool huh? I can't think of anything else to say about this weapon, so I'll summarize! It's sharp! It doesn't explode! It's cheap! It's got a cool ARM logo on the side! Right, go on, buy it already.
Designed by Dr. Gordon Freeman, PHD..

2 | Eighth Kiloton Charge

Description: This is a 1/8th kiloton nuclear weapon. It explodes quite well. For external use only. Or not; go ahead and shove it in your nose, not like you'll have any loved ones to sue for damages after they finish sweeping you up.

2-3 | Aster-Ex

Description: Is nuclear devastation for some reason too spicy for your tastes? Are you rightly afraid of being obliterated by your own careless use of 1/8th kiloton charges? Well, Aster-Ex is the explosive for you! Designed for use in space (cracking rocks and all that), easy to shape, very reliable and inexpensive, Aster-Ex distributes its energy uniformly, relatively predictably and without threat of vaporization. Described as a slower, more pushing type of high explosive, it is rather good for a great many needs, including fragmentation explosives. 2 tokens gets you a kilo of Aster-Ex with a short-range detonator, add a token on top of that to upgrade to the long-range detonator! Truly, the perfect solution for all of your controlled demolition needs.

1 | Smoke Bombs

Description: They are throwable. They make smoke. They are cheap. But possibly useful.
Ammo: 1 token for 5.

1 | Basic Hand Grenades

Description: With an Effective Kill Radius of about 15 meters, you can't go wrong with these, well, unless you ate it like a pineapple.
Ammo: 1 Token for 3.

1 | 'Sticky goop' Grenades

Description: You know sticky goop? That foamy stuff that rapidly expands and hardens and glues itself to just about anything? Well, it's that squeezed into a grenade to give a big burst of the stuff. Useful for ensnaring targets, blocking off chokepoints or generally gumming up the works. Brisant-compatible, with standard Brisant grenade functions.
Ammo: 1 Token for 3.
Designed by Miyamoto de Bergerac.

1 | Electronade

Description: It's an electricity grenade that throws around electricity like a tesla arc, and has different intensity settings so you can choose how hard you wanna make somebody's life suck today. Higher intensities drain the blueshard battery faster (it has a timer so you can choose for how many seconds it works before shutting off), and the internal components burn out and become useless when the battery is spent. Percentages are per second used (so 3 seconds at 8% drains 24% total). Comes with a delay timer to choose how long it takes the grenade to go off. Brisant compatible, with standard Brisant grenade functions.
Ammo: 1 Token for 2.
Designed by Miyamoto de Bergerac.

2 | EMP Grenade

Description: Most complex electronic equipment is insulated against EMP, since that happens to be a pretty glaring weakness for electronic equipment. Some things, however, are not. It is with this in mind (along with prayer) that you may huck one of these at something fierce and electrical standing in your way.

3 | Kinetic Amplifier

Description: It looks like a glove! It hits like a rocket propelled semi-truck! This thing amplifies the kinetic force from your blows by up to a square of the original force without increasing the reactive force felt by the user. May not seem like much, but when 3000 newtons becomes 9000000 newtons you'll gain a new respect for exponential growth. Warning: Do not scratch your nose.
Due to Lurker corruption, kinetic amp output is no longer consistent. It can be much weaker or much stronger than expected.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

3 | Microwave Field Manipulator

Description: Named more for it's effects then the actual mechanism of interaction-something about increasing intermolecular vibration-but the net result is that it makes things hot. You can heat a cup of coffee, melt steel like butter, or boil a man's brain in his skull. This is the most common type of manipulator used by former HMRC members and is often the cause of many deaths because of it.
Ammo: 1 Human Brain.
Stat Restriction: 0 Mind
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

3 | Force Monosword

Description: We have finally obtained the name copyright! So here you have it, a two-and-a-half-feet long monoatomically thin blade that can cut through anything. Requires special training not to cut off your own limbs, though. And please, don't try parrying kin-amp blows of battlesuits with this blade - you'll just have a faceful of explosion. Remember to dodge. Also comes in battlesuit size for a little extra cost.
Stat Restriction: +1 Dexterity, +2 Unconventional

3 | Swiss Army Pimpknuckle

Description: A thick pad of Pimp Cane metal covering one knuckle. Instead of shaping it with your mind, it's programmed to switch between 25 different forms including various blades, spikes, drills, saws, and more! See page for full list.
Despite being listed in the uncon section it only uses uncon some of the time.
Designed by Dubley Steptimus.

4 | 5 Second Reset

Description: A small wristpad-like machine which, when activated, reverts you and everything you're carrying to the state you were in 5 seconds ago. Has interesting effects. If you fire a bullet and then revert, the damage from the bullet will still exist, but the bullet will be back in your gun instead of in the target. Overuse in a short period can cause instability of copied material, resulting in injury, stat loss, or worse.
Ammo: 1 for 3 single-use batteries

4 | Matter Saver

Description: Machine that allows matter to be saved into cartridges. These cartridges come in various sizes, depending upon price. When "loading" the matter it can be given various different properties, such as velocity. The matter that is saved is pulled into the cartridge and resides there until loaded. This can be done with living creatures, including players, but there might be side effects. Loading can be done selectively as well, loading only part of the matter in the cartridge rather than the entire thing.
Ammo: The cartridges are priced by the area they cover. 1 cubic foot is 1 token. 2 cubic feet is 2 tokens, and so on. Cartridges can be reused indefinitely.

4 | Monoatomic Machete

Description: By popular demand we have released a “Sword” version of the Monoatomic Razor. It's significantly longer and more robust, but also harder to use and prone to filament snapping if used incorrectly. And while the Razor's filament could snap as well, it lacked the length to come whipping back onto the face of the user. This filament, however, does not lack that capacity. Please see our standard disclaimer about loss of life and limb.
Stat Requirement: +1 Dexterity

4 | White-Hot Club

Description: This is an oversized, bat-shaped club that maintains a temperature of 5700 degrees Fahrenheit, roughly the the temperature of white-hot Tungsten. As a result it not only glows extremely bright but is throwing off a constant haze of steam and a warped aura of super-heated air. While the handle is thermally insulated, it's recommended not to activate this thing without a spacesuit unless you want to get a hell of a tan.
Ammo: A power pack that is attached to the club via a cord running from the backpack mounting into the handle of the weapon. Careful not to catch the cord on anything.

5 | Ghost Blade

Description: A sword, or more realistically a sharpened rod. The blade can become selectively incorporeal anywhere along the length, allowing it to bypass armor or physical objects with proper usage. The downside is that the edge and point of the blade are totally normal and the damage it does relies on the force the user can exert.
Ammo: Recharging internal system. Can run out of power if used many times in a short period, but for the most part is infinite. The longer the blade is kept incorporeal, and the greater the length of the incorporeal section, the greater the drain.

5 | Tesla Sabre

Description: For copyright reasons we're not allowed to give you any sort of “Laser sword”, but we've done one better; we've made a sword out of lightning. Basically a miniaturized Tesla Arc, firing arcs a few thousand times a second, with the arcs contained within a protective field. It doesn't so much cut as burn, electrocute, melt and generally vaporize anything it touches. Try not to trip while carrying it.
Due to Lurker corruption, automanipulator output is highly unpredictable. Both the strength and the nature of its output can be much different than intended.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!
Ammo: Battery. 1 minute. 1 token each.
Stat Restriction: 0 Unconventional Weapons.

7 | Crowd-wire Gloves

Description: They're gloves that construct (it has tiny microfiber smartwire assemblers in each finger, you see) and shoot electrical wires that non-lethally incapacitate organic targets, if you're into that sort of thing. You can control the wires with flicks of the wrist and fingers, and do electrical lasso tricks on already non-moving targets (moving targets would be a bit tricky)! Takes a lot of skill to use, but it's real impressive-looking, nonlethal, fun to brag about later and also inspired by an altogether more lethal form of crowd control used by Arbiters of Peace. What more could you want, really?
Ammo: Batteries for electrical discharge (good for 20 shocks), solution tank for wires (duration varies depending on usage) - 1 token for each type of ammo needed. Alternatively, a 3 token belt generator and capacitor can be used to circumvent need for batteries.
Stat Restriction: +1 Unconventional Weapons.

7 | Kiloton Charge

Description: It's an awful lot like the 1/8th kiloton charge, but eight times as powerful. Set for time or remote detonation, press button, duck.

8 | Magnetic Field Manipulator

Description: Allows for the manipulation, destruction and creation of magnetic fields, and as such the manipulation of anything susceptible to magnetism. Useful for hanging your less intelligent squadmate's crayon drawings from the fridge or crushing a helmet like a grape.
Ammo: 1 Human Brain.
Stat Restriction: +1 Unconventional Weapons.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

8 | Stake Driver

Description: The Stake Driver is a simple thing. It's a long Tungsten Carbide spike held in a magnetic acceleration cradle which is, in turn, held on an arm brace and fitted with a trigger. The The spike is generally kept retracted, but when the trigger is pulled, the magnetic acceleration system fires it two feet forward at roughly twice the speed of sound. The effects are fairly self explanatory. This sort of thing can only be mounted to exoskeletons or mechanical systems due to the extreme forces involved. An unaided human could potentially fire this weapon, but they could only do it once.
Stat Restriction: Exoskeleton or higher strength.

10 | 10 Kiloton Charge

Description: Hey, guess what? It's a bomb. Hey, guess what again; it's ten times as powerful as the kiloton charge. Hey guess what again again; don't stick it up your nose.

10 | Solid Light Matter Generator

Stat Requirements: Uncon +?, Mind +?
Description: Allows the creation of solid light in different forms, allowing the user to create objects. These objects can be complex, i.e. something like a wind-up watch, and the matter can take on different material properties, but it cannot mimic electrical or chemical systems, like electronics or the gunpowder in a gun. The positive side about solid light materials is that, once generated, they will remains so long as the user wants them to and stays within a certain distance; it doesn't require effort to maintain them. The downside is that they are fairly mundane in their properties; you won't get monoatomically sharp blades or indestructible armor. But you can pull shit out of thin air like a wizard. Requires a brain implant and a strong mind to function.
Ammo: None, bar exposure to light in the 600-700 nanometer wavelength.

12 | Gravity Field Manipulator

Description: This thing in a particularly nasty piece of work. Suits can be built to protect from heat, radiation, projectiles both mundane and exotic, and just about anything else, but gravity is different story. Few enemies have personal gravity projectors to protect them from being crushed flat on a whim, and even if they do, it won't protect them from the 10 ton boulders you can toss around with this.
Ammo: 1 Human Brain.
Stat Restriction: +2 Unconventional Weapons skill.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

14 | Vector Field Manipulator

Description: This device allows the user to manipulate the vectors of objects, from atomic particles to 100 ton chucks of flaming metal. Try not to accidentally accelerate all the blood in your body out your eyes.
Ammo: 1 Human Brain.
Stat Restriction: +3 Unconventional Weapons skill.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

15 | Megaton Charge

Description: Take a fucking guess.

16 | Kinetic Shunt

Description: A very specifically modified Field Manipulator that allows the user to absorb, store and redirect kinetic energy. Detonate a grenade in your hand, absorb the force and use it to knock down a door: catch a piece of high speed shrapnel and use the absorbed force to fire pebbles like machinegun bullets;have a squad mate beat you in the face with a hammer and use that kinetic force to mix batter for your dear sweet mother's birthday cake. The possibilities are endless! Worn as a suit.
Stat Restriction: +3 Unconventional Weapons skill.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

20 | Universal Field Manipulator

Description: This little chunk of high science can do everything the other Field Manipulators can do and it can do them better. It's immensely powerful but the algorithms it uses to operate are so complex that it will take a veritable genius to even use it.
Ammo: 1 Human Brain.
Stat Restriction: +4 Unconventional Weapons skill.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

Exotic WeaponsEdit

(Regardless of what your local phone psychic has told you, humans do not have psychic powers. Psychokinetic Amplifiers are basically just modified Field Manipulators for more specific purposes. Rather than hooking up to disembodied brains, Psychokinetic Amplifiers are implanted directly into the user's brain and controlled via thought. Amplifiers use the user's own neural networks to do the necessary calculations; as you would expect, having parts of your brain subjugated in order to solve complex physics equations makes it rather hard to focus and function normally without a lot of willpower. Note: Amps are mostly safe but are prone to occasional bouts the user pushes them beyond his own capabilities.)

Amplifiers take up a brain slot; every character has three brain slots. Of course, you can always sell an old amplifier to make room to install a new one. That means you can also rip an amplifier out of the brain of a dead teammate and sell that to the Armory Master... but who would do that?

Cost | Item Name

2 | Tentacle Graft

Description: This one is pretty simple. We've got this tentacle right? It's about 5 feet long, very muscular and pretty dexterous, able to use tools or strangle annoying teammates. Don't ask us where we got it. But the neat thing here is that we can graft it on to your back or chest and you'll be able to use it as though it were your own! Cool huh? Just try to keep it coiled up and covered in polite company. Most people aren't too keen on you just letting your third limb flop about.
Stat Restriction: 0 Exotic, 0 Endurance.

2 | Empathic Gland

Stat Requirements: Exotic +?
Description: An implanted gland which allows the user to sense the feelings, health, and general state of organic creatures. Works on most creatures but those that are VASTLY different often be... problematic. Someone dying in close proximity to you will also be unpleasant.
Ammo: N/A

2 | Force Infuser

Description: This is a simple thing, a very focused version of other tech. It's a glove, similar in appearance to a kinetic amp, but with a circular metal disk in the center of the palm. The user presses this disk to anything they want, and then thinks about the direction they want it to move, and with how much force. Then, assuming they did it right and the battery has the juice to do it, the object will be moved. The battery for the system stores kinetic energy which is absorbed through the disk. This absorption includes everything from the movement of the user's hand when walking, to them repeatedly smashing the disk against a wall or firing a bullet into it. That last one isn't recommended, but if you can manage to get your hand in the path of a bullet, it will look really dang cool.
Ammo: Kinetic Battery
Stat Restriction: Exotic 0.

3 | Microwave Psychokinetic Amplifier

Description: Pretty much identical to the Microwave Field Manipulator; lets the user heat things by means of increasing intermolecular vibration. Users inevitably acquire the moniker of “Carrie” for reasons I'm not aware of.
Stat Restriction: 0 Exotic.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

3 | Exotic Pimpknuckle

Description: A thick pad of Pimp Cane metal covering one knuckle that can be formed into whatever shapes you like. It can also be moved with your mind like a pimpcane can.
Stat Requirement: Exotic Weapons skill +1, Mind 0
Designed by Dubley Steptimus.

4 | Haber's Implant

Stat Requirement: Exotic +?
Description: A small metallic sphere and associated gold wire mesh which encloses much of the brain. The implant grants the subject a mild connection to anomalous matter arrangements and superuniversal geometries.The connection doesn't manifest consciously, but rather subconsciously; it grants the user a form of 6th sense, a powerful form of intuition regarding magical/supernatural forces. It doesn't tell them directly what's going on, but rather grants them a gut feeling of sorts. Useless for deciphering fine details, but very useful for getting the bigger picture. The user can, however, become an unwitting conduit for these forces, as the implant makes them vulnerable to such things.
Ammo: N/A, Implant

4 | Toxic Symbiote

Stat Requirement: Exotic +?
Description: A maggot-like creature that takes the place of the entire left arm. Has two functional modes: attached and detached. When it is attached it functions just the same as a normal arm, with mandibles acting like fingers. When detached it functions as an NPC of sorts, following the verbal commands of the "user". In either form, it produces horribly fatal toxins on command. Toxins the user is immune to.
Ammo: N/A

5 | Elemental Infuser

Description: The Elemental infuser uses data from several sources, including the Eater of Cold and the Flamboyant Spark event, along with an injection device to produce a system which allows the user to “infuse” an object with various materials or effects. One could, for instance, coat a baseball bat in flame or electricity; or even coat normally fragile things in a layer of tough metal. The coating “element” depends on the battery used. Various batteries are available through the armory, and custom ones can be produced.
Ammo: Battery. 10 uses.
Stat Restriction: 0 Exotic.

5 | Extraphysical Cutting Aura

Stat Requirement: Exotic +?
Description: A metallic organ that is implanted in the abdomen, amongst the intestines. It fuses with surrounding tissue and appears to leach nutrients from the blood and partially-digested food. It appears to grow over time and may have harmful effects in the long run. Allows the subject to produce a thin, silvery aura on any part of their skin, which resembles a sort of heat haze or shimmering mirage. This aura allows the subject to cut, pierce, puncture, slice, tear, and rip with force akin to that of a blade, drill, or even laser using nothing but their bare skin. The range of the aura is so low, however, that the subject has to make physical contact with the surface for it to work, and it won't work through clothing or any other covering (like a spacesuit). It also only works with natural human skin and won't work through prosthetics.

5 | Micro-Servitor Manipulation System "Sandbag"

Description: A weapon created using information gleaned from data collected in the Samsonite Abyss. A combination of a large backpack container filled with lab modified "Sand" creatures and an arm mounted sonic device to control them. The Sand can act either as a mass of particles or form together into simple shapes. However, unlike the true sand of the Abyss, once it forms a hardened shape, it is stuck like that.
WARNING: This system is somewhat limited in that it requires some form of light as well as an environment with sound in order to work.
Ammo: 3 token bag refill.
Stat Restriction: +1 Exotic.

5 | Pimp Cane

Description: What appears, on the surface, to be a polished metal cane with a black ergonomic handle is actually a rod of adaptive metal and its neuro-interpretive control. Adapted from materials taken from our very first mission, this cane has the ability transform itself, T-1000 style, into simple and mildly complex forms, as well as to move independently and separate into individual pieces. The downside is that it has a range of about 50 feet, outside of which the metal goes dormant and collapses into a puddle.
Stat Restriction: +1 Exotic, 0 Mind.

6 | Demigod Touch

Stat Requirement: Exotic +?
Description: A modification that can only be performed on humans. The user's hands and forearms become a translucent and incorporeal blue matter. These limbs lose the ability to directly interact with matter, ie picking things up, however they gain a more subtle interaction. They can manipulate the chemistry of living things or the electronics of machines via force of will and Exotic rolls. Stick your hands in someone's head and control their mind, use it to heal wounds or interface with machines or change matter from one thing to another. The downside however, is that in addition to losing direct interaction, the user's body must remain almost totally human otherwise. There are a few minor modifications that are compatible, but the majority of other modifications will disrupt this one. Created via the God Computer, "doom arms" and the Cultist mission.
Ammo: N/A

6 | Universal Limb Collector

Description: Four implants at the hips and shoulders. These implants, a form of adaptive flesh, allow the subject to remove their limbs and replace them with just about anything else. The implant will spread , partially or fully, onto the new object and seek to make it into as functional a limb as possible. The implant lacks the strength to break down robust things, so shoving a statue's arm in there won't let you break it into upper and lower arms and use it like that, but if you were to stick a rifle there, it would be able to let you fire it. Works with organic matter too. Uses organic computing materials from the Anomalous Planetoid.
Ammo: N/A

7 | Mass Manipulation Psychokinetic Amplifier

Description: A hybrid of vector and gravity field manipulators, lets the user manipulate solid matter. Useful for tearing the limbs off alien jerks or playing checkers from 40 feet away. The heavier or faster moving something is, the harder it is to control and the more concentration it will take. Precise control will also take more effort.
Stat Restriction: +1 Exotic.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

7 | "Mindfuck" Gun

Description: A strange sort of weapon, resembles a large metal sphere with what looks like a satellite dish on one side. This weapon harnesses a strange interaction of matter to produce what is colloquially known as “Mind Fuck” effects in sentient creatures. These effects vary depending on the subject, so there is a large degree of unpredictability with its use.
Ammo: Battery. 5 shots.
Stat Restriction: +1 Exotic.

8 | Haebi Limb

Stat Requirement: Exotic +?
Description: The bodywarping power of the fleshhorror and the Haebi condensed down into a single limb. Can be applied to any limb, but each purchase only gets you a single limb. The flesh-warping is somewhat limited by the amount of organic material it can get ahold of, but could be fed with any living or dead tissue, so feel free to use the corpses of our allies to empower yourself.
Ammo: N/A

8 | Id Manifester

Stat Requirements: Exotic +?, Mind +?
Description: A device that manifests a personification of the user's subconscious. This manifestation varies by user, however those with greater Exotic skill and greater Mind numbers will have more powerful manifestations. The details of how exactly this device functions are hazy and the manifestations have shown a degree of cognition and self-awareness, and they have shown a propensity for attacking or attempting to overpower their creator if that creator lacks the willpower to control them. Specifically, the manifestations are the extensions of the desire of the user, unrestrained by rationale and reason. If the creator wishes someone dead, the manifestation will attempt to kill that person unless the creator restrains it. Those that lack the capacity to adequately restrain the manifestation will be viewed as a hindrance by that manifestation and it may attack them as well. Created via data gathered during midbrain implantation of MMIs and the "God Computer" prototype 112.
Ammo: N/A, Implant

8 | Symbiotic Hive

Description: A biological device of dubious origin, possibly created by the Doctor. The hive is a literal living hive of insect like creatures which is implanted along the lower spine and wired directly into the nervous system. These creatures obey the commands of their host in exchange for sustenance and protection and can change themselves or produce special versions of their kind in order to fit the needs of the user. These changes take time, and depending on the degree of change can take anywhere from a few hours to several days.
Stat Restriction: +1 Endurance, +1 Exotic Weapons, 0 Mind, an organic body (or at least torso).

10 | Neural Connector Psychokinetic Amplifier

Description: This is basically a Field Manipulator tuned specifically to interact with the neural tissue of most known xenobiological archetypes. This lets the user manipulate the neurochemistry of enemies, implanting suggestions,memories, emotions and other such neurological phenomena. It also allows the user to tap into and experience the memories and emotions of said enemies. Useful for subtly convincing your enemies to shoot each other or learning the layout of an area using the memories of its protectors. Something to keep in mind: In order for this Amp to allow the user to access the memories and emotions of a target, it temporarily converts sections of the user's brain into replicas of the target's. This process is usually safe, but the weak willed may experience a feedback effect and have their original neurochemistry overridden.
Stat Restriction: +1 Exotic, +1 Charisma.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

10 | Black Halo

Description: A black metal ring which is worn on the head, much like a circlet. It allows the wearer to, through an exercise of will, alter his perceived appearance. Their actual form will remain the same, but what others “See” (or perceive through other senses) will be altered. This does not effect things like cameras; it works by altering the thoughts of living beings, and as such will not effect mechanical ones.
Ammo: ?
Stat Restriction: +2 Exotic, +1 Mind, an Organic body (or at least head).

10 | Electro Psychokinetic Amplifier

Description: This amp allows its user to control and generate electrical currents and related phenomena. Mostly created because people wanted to scream “UNLIMITED POWER!” while firing lightning out of their fingers.
Ammo: None
Stat Restriction: +2 Exotic.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

10 | White Mask

Stat Requirements: Exotic +?, Mind +?
Description: A smooth, featureless white mask that absorbs the consciousness of the first living thing it is placed on. From that point on the consciousness lives within the mask and anything the mask is placed on becomes the vessel and body of this consciousness. Larger and more powerful bodies require greater Exotic rolls and exertions of will to inhabit, but once they have been completely controlled, no more rolls will be needed. The mask need only remain physically in contact with the body to control it. Damage to the bodies will not damage the consciousness, however, breaking the mask will kill the mind within. Created via data gathered from the "glowworm gun" and video of an enemy combatant.
Ammo: N/A

12 | Gravity Manipulator Psychokinetic Amplifier

Description: Identical to the Gravity Field Manipulator but in Psychokinetic Amplifier form. Allows the user to manipulate gravity.
Stat Restriction: +2 Exotic.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

15 | Organochemistry Overrider Psychokinetic Amplifier

Description: An upgraded version of the Neural Connector Psychokinetic Amplifier that allows the user to freely manipulate the body chemistry of the target. A boring man would simply stop the target's heart or melt their brain, while a clever man could hijack an alien's body and pilot it around or even completely rewrite their brains and turn them into passive drones. Feedback with this Amp tends to have rather messy results.
Stat Restriction: +2 Exotic, +2 Charisma.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

15 | Organo-Tissue Dominator Psychokinetic Amplifier

Description: A piece of technology made possible by technology recovered by Mason Locke and Ivan Yankovichy. Allows the user to freely manipulate the organic tissue of most known lifeforms, including themselves. Such manipulation is subject to the law of the conservation of mass, so don't try to grow an extra arm unless you want to end up sucking 1 arm's worth of carbon out of the rest of your body. Then again, if you were to get some flesh from somewhere else...
Stat Restriction: +2 Exotic.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

17 | Vector Manipulator Psychokinetic Amplifier

Description: You could probably guess this, but it's identical to the Vector Field Manipulator. Lets the user manipulate the vectors of anything from atomic particles to large chunks of homicidal metal.
Stat Restriction: +3 Exotic.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

20 | Matter Converter Psychokinetic Amplifier

Description: By tearing atomic structures down to their component particles and then rearranging them this Amp allows the user to literally transform one configuration of matter into another. Need half a pound of C-4? Convert a rock! Need a wrench? Convert a rock! Need to halt the advances of a forty foot tall xeno? Convert its brain into a rock! Alternately, convert its brain into a 10 kiloton charge to confuse and vaporize it's friends. Keep in mind that this thing is gonna need a lot of gray matter to function, so don't go using too much or you may end up converting your own brain into a rock.
Stat Restriction: +4 Exotic.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

20 | Universal Psychokinetic Amplifier

Description: The Psychokinetic Amplifier version of the Universal Field Manipulator, it can do anything other amplifiers can do, and it can do them better. Thought by naysayers to be the domain of amp specialists and the Armory Master, we've recently been told this not only exists, but is available to the average amp user!
Stat Restriction: +4 Exotic.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

Auxiliary systemsEdit

Cost | Item Name

1 | Scout Eye

Description: A small, single use drone and control pad. Little more than a propulsion system with a camera attached; designed for scouting and reconnaissance. These things have the durability of a cardboard box but they're fast and their camera lets you get a good look at things till the drone is inevitably downed by automatic turrets or a stiff breeze. They come in a pack of three.
Ammo: Single Use, comes in packs of three.
Stat Restriction: 0 Auxiliary

1 | Cutting Torch

Description: A powerful chemical laser with an extremely short diffusion range. Great for cutting through walls, floors or other pesky barriers between you and your goal.
Ammo: Canister good for 10 minutes. Extra Canisters are 1 token each.

1 | Boobytrap Kit

Description: Do you like explosions? Do you like inflicting said explosions on unsuspecting passerby's? Then this is just the thing for you! A kit containing various bits and bobs for creating a mine or booby trap out of any explosive or grenade you happen to have handy. Has several possible sensors to fine-tune your flavor of sneaky murder (see kit's own page for more info). One kit grants you three uses. Note that its contents could also be used in other ways, such as using the cameras as spycams.
Ammo: 3 uses per kit
Designed by Miyamoto de Bergerac.

2 | Infinite Multitool

Description: A complex device made of various actuators, sensors, and other mechanical pieces that can transform into almost any tool. Basically an entire workshop that can fit in your pocket. It can only do purely mechanical stuff, so don't expect it to weld, solder, check voltages, or anything like that. Weighs about 10 pounds.
It can function as most power tools, but requires the actual blade part to be added.
Comes with a set of various saw blades, drill bits, router bits, grinding wheels, etc.
Developed by Dubley Steptimus

2 | Briefcase Welder Combo

Description: A box about the size of a small briefcase. It performs various handiwork related functions that the Infinite Multitool can't.
  • Welder
  • Soldering iron
  • Cutting torch
  • Voltmeter
  • Generator
Developed by Dubley Steptimus

3 | Jump Rocket Pack

Description: A backpack system using an electrically powered repulsion jet to propel the user. It's not capable of actual flight, and it needs some time to recharge after each jump, but it will let you jump 20 meters into the air. Just be sure to think about how you're gonna land.
Ammo: Generator
Stat Restriction: 0 Auxiliary

4 | Hoverboard

Description:It's a skateboard with foot clamps attached, it has two rockets on the back, and a total of eight small rockets on the bottom to keep it in the air. The internals of the board contain the fuel and the electronics to run it. It has a small port on the back to allow for a laptop/robot body/other thing to connect and program it. It also comes in armored and remote-controlled variants, for a few extra tokens.
Fuel:20 Miles or 32 Kilometers.
Stat Restriction: 1 Dexterity
Developed by Zayne Cavanagh

5 | Exoskeleton

Description: Not much more than a framework of metal and actuators hooked up to the negative feedback system. Amplifies the strength of the user but does not provide any sort of protection (except for the metal beams near your arms and legs). Oh and it has a nasty habit of malfunctioning and twisting limbs at odd angles if it's control computer is damaged.

6 | Single Seat Rocket Bike

Description: Though it's called a rocket bike, it more closely resembles a rocket armchair: a single bucket seat surrounded by a metal skeleton onto which dozens of directional rocked pods are mounted. Fast and extremity agile, this system allows a single person to zip across the battlefield at high speeds as well as fly high above it, offering information, directing troop movements or sniping from a half mile up. The downside of this being that the machine lacks any sort of armor or protective systems, leaving both it and it's pilot completely exposed. Has a habit of becoming violently unpredictable when damaged.
Ammo: Rocket Pods good for 40 kilometers.
Stat Restriction: +1 Auxiliary

6 | Mobile Drone Platform

Description: A pallet of softball sized drones and a control pad for them. Each drone is equipped with a relatively low power laser, a camera and a computer just smart enough to carry out simple orders. Can be deployed one at a time, all at once or anything in between. Useful for a number of situations, from scouting to backing up full fledged assaults, but don't expect to win a battle with them alone.
Ammo: 10 Single Use Drones. Cannot be reloaded.
Stat Restriction: +1 Auxiliary

8 | Gunner Bot

Description: A coil gun (rapid fire Gauss cannon) on a quadrupedal robotic mount, equipped with an array of sensors and a rudimentary AI. Deployed in the field and mostly used to guard the interior of buildings or provide supporting fire. They're smart enough to patrol an area or follow a man around but that's about it. Still, if you need a mobile, high caliber rifle with the intelligence of a clever dog, this will fill that need.
Ammo: 50 round magazine
Stat Restriction: +2 Auxiliary

8 | Heavy Exoskeleton

Description: An upgraded Exoskeleton that's slightly bulkier and about twice as strong, the exact same strength as a Synth-Flesh Body in fact. It lets you wield even heavier weapons and use even more brute force. It doesn't have any real armour though.
Stat Restriction: None
Designed by Dubley Steptimus

12 | Heavy Armoured Exoskeleton

Description: Take the Heavy Exoskeleton and give it heavy armour. It has one layer of hex-composite over the torso and helmet to protect from heavy weapons, and one layer of battlesuit plate over the entire body to protect from small arms. The closest a human can get to a walking tank and still fit comfortably through doors. It's slightly less agile than the unarmoured version, and as with most heavy armours the joints are rather vulnerable.
Stat Restriction: None
Designed by Dubley Steptimus

12 | ARSC

Description: Affectionately labeled the “Tin can”, this thing is a mobile bunker on rocket pods. Designed to bulldoze it's way through defenses at high speeds, it's often used to blitz through automated anti-personnel defenses and ram straight into target structures, allowing it's 5 occupants to storm guarded compounds without having to deal with the outer defenses. Provides protection from most low to medium power weapons, but don't expect it to shrug off a 10 kiloton charge.
Ammo: Fuel good for 100 kilometers.
Stat Restriction: +2 Auxiliary

15 | Battlesuit

Description: The Battlesuit is a hardsuit, something between powered armor and a fullblown mech. Its greatest attribute is its armor, which is practically immune to small arms fire and heavily resistant to lasers and similar weapons. It's equipped with a jump rocket system to help with clearing large jumps, but it lacks the flight capabilities of the MkIII. It makes up for this by being substantially more durable, turning its wearer into a walking tank. Don't expect it to make you untouchable though. I mean, come on, marine, do you want to live forever? This suit has now been replaced by the superior Assaultsuit
Ammo: 10 Jump rocket charges, can be customized before purchase.
Stat Restriction: +2 Auxiliary

15 | Assaultsuit

Description: The Assaultsuit is a hardsuit, something between powered armor and a fullblown mech. Its greatest attribute is its armor, which is highly resistant to almost any weapon commonly fielded by humans. It's designed to maximize mobility, thin enough to maneuver indoors, and equipped with jump rockets for enhanced manuevering outdoors, although the standard variant lacks the flight capabilities of the MkIII. It makes up for this by being significantly more durable, turning its wearer into a walking tank. Of course, no armor can make its user invincible, and assaultsuits have no in-built defenses against space magic.
Ammo: 10 Jump rocket charges, can be customized before purchase.
Stat Restriction: +2 Auxiliary

50 | Avatar of War

Description: This isn't your ordinary exosuit, this is the thing of legend, reserved for generals and war heroes. Standing 5 meters tall, cloaked in heavy plate armor over pseudo-organic synthflesh and armed with a built in Coilgun (rapid fire Gauss cannon), Gravity Manipulator Psychokinetic Amplifier, and Tesla Sabre, this walking embodiment of war amplifies every aspect of the pilot from the physical to the mental. It also requires the user to be semi-permanently entombed in a casket of CFC's with the majority of their nervous system slaved to the suit's systems, an organic controller wrapped within a nearly unstoppable machine of war.
Due to Lurker corruption, proximity with amplifiers and manipulators can cause strange effects.
Ammo: 50 rounds for Coilgun, 10 minute battery for Tesla Sabre. Can be customized before purchase.
Stat Restriction: +2 Auxiliary, +1 Mind, +1 Endurance
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

N.A. | High Altitude Gunship

Description: A high flying artillery support shuttle with a lot of firepower to rain down death from above. Strikes are paid for via 'vouchers'. More info on the item's page.
Ammo: 1 token for 3 vouchers


Armors are something that are subject to thickness testing in regards to personal protection efficiency.

Cost | Item Name

First is free | MCP-I Suit

Description: A skintight, grayish spacesuit, much less bulky than the MkI, its predecessor. The only part of it with an actual atmosphere is the helmet, which is sealed off from the rest of the body. "MCP" stands for Mechanical Counter Pressure; rather than having a pressurized atmosphere, prone to decompression if pierced, the suit's tightness provides the pressure, even if you got a hole shot through you. In vacuum, only the area directly exposed will be effected. Smaller wounds will simply swell a bit and freeze. Larger wounds might cause your guts to go streaming out into space, however.

First is free | Mk I Suit

Description: A very simple thing, it's basically a light spacesuit with a hard metal fishbowl helmet. Has very good insulating properties (protects against heat, vacuum) but no armor whatsoever. Comes equipped with some basic tools and gadgets. So, it's not that great, but at least it keeps the void out. This suit has now been replaced by the superior MCP-I Suit.

First is free for MK suit users | CPSU

Description: The Counter Pressure Suit Underwear (CPSU) is a skin-tight form-fitting piece of clothing that completely covers a person's skin from neck to toes. It is made of cheap basic fabric, that is moderately thin yet very stiff. There is a special collar-separator on the neck that is designed to seal off the helmet compartment when a suit is worn. Intended for wearing under any Mk-series suits, provides the MCP-like effect in case of suit breach. Comes in with relevant changes to iris-closing software in Mk II and above.

2 | Maintenance uniform

Description:They're coated with adaptive gel, designed to cushion impacts from falls or metal fragments. Decent electrical and chemical insulation too. It would protect you from most mundane things like falling off a cliff or catching some shrapnel. Not gonna stop a laser or a coil gun round though. Covers everything but your hands, feet and head.

2 | Ablative Armor Plating

Description: A lightweight armour plating that can be applied to MK suits. It is designed to shatter on impact and take the brunt of the force. Works well in conjunction with a Civic Defender's Longcoat. [src]

2 | Dragon Coat

Description:A stylish hooded trenchcoat covered in black scales. The coat is made from the same reactive carbon nanofiber weave as a Civic Defender's longcoat and the scales are made from laser-resistant ceramic hexsand. It will protect you from energy weapons up to a laser rifle, and it will protect you from kinetic weapons up to a gauss rifle but it won't last many hits against those. It also has a hood to protect your head.
Designed by Dubley Steptimus

3 | Civic Defender's Longcoat

Description: A piece of protective clothing resembling a trenchcoat. Reactive armor, soft as silk until hit at high speed, then harder than steel for an instant. Gives decent protection against small arms fire (mostly kinetic projectiles) while not impeding movement, at an affordable price. Does not protect against lasers or other sorts of attacks (at least no more than a piece of cloth does).
This armor is outdated and officially replaced by the Sharksuit below, and the Dragon coat above. You can still buy it but there are no good reasons to.

3 | Sharksuit

Description: Made out of organic nanites, rather than sharks, this full-body suit provides slightly better kinetic protection that the Civic Defender's Longcoat, and significantly better laser protection, on par with its kinetic resistance. It can also regenerate any damage it takes, so long as any organic material (carbon) is touching its damaged area. This includes your fleshy body, though it will "only" eat the patch of skin directly touching it. We promise.

3 | MCP-II Suit

Description: Similar to the MCP-I Suit but with the medical systems of the Mk II Suit, meaning it will do its best to keep you alive or at least revivable. It can also be upgraded with several cans of various medical substances, most notably Fleshknitter that will be automatically used when healing the user is necessary.

3 | Magic Eater

Description: A glowing lump of spiky pollen that "eats" some forms of space magic (mostly those affecting the physical world instead of abstract things like thoughts and vectors), converting them to light and heat in the process, which it uses to grow and spawn "offspring". A good tool for people who want to protect themselves from space magic and those who want a way to detect its presence without getting a Haber's Implant. Note that very powerful space magic might cause it to melt with a big flash of light. Also note that it makes no distinction between friendly and non-friendly space magic.

5 | Mk II Suit

Description: An improved version of the standard issue MkI suit. Generally streamlined and less bulky, it also includes a trauma apprehension system to drastically increase the survivability of the user. Strategically placed airtight irises close to halt suit decompression and sever damaged tissue while internal systems cauterize injuries and administer a wide variety of drugs to do anything from numb pain to put the user into a death like state to survive fatal injuries while waiting for extraction. Long story short, this thing will will keep you alive, even if it has to lop off all your limbs to do it.

8 | MCP-Aero Suit "Fat Sparrow"

Description: The one and only good thing to be said about this suit: it flies. Based on a streamlined MCP-II suit and a lightweight, aerodynamic exoskeleton, the Aero achieves lift via two large electric ducted fans, mounted to its shoulders on swiveling pylons. Two smaller fans on the ankles aid maneuvering, and can easily propel the suit through water. Intended to be used on populated worlds and long missions, the suit emphasizes discreetness, accessibility, and flight time over sheer speed and power.
Ammo: Rechargeable battery good for up to 5 hours of continuous use. Optionally single-use 4 token Blueraditite cell good for several days of continuous flight.
Stat Restriction: 0 Auxiliary
Developed by Anton "Blackeye" Chernozorov

8 | Flight (Light) Milno-Plate Variant

Description: An armor made of thinned down version of battleplate, with which old-style Battlesuits, cut to fit on the Mk Series and MCP Series suit frames. The chest piece can take a military gauss rifle round or up to a minute of sustained laser fire or (probably) several gunpowder-powered weaponry bullets and let you keep going. This is a Light (or Flight) variant of this armor, covering only your vitals but also providing thin anti-laser armor for limbs; however, it does not interfere with Mk III aerial manoeuvrability or exoskeleton lifting strength. The plates' defensive properties have already been tested in the field.
Developed by Milno Enedrasi

10 | Mk III Suit

Description: Take a MkII suit, equip it with an Exoskeleton strength augmentation system, a dozen different small maneuvering rockets and two large articulated “wing” rocket pods and you've got the Mk III suit. The pinnacle of traditional suit design, it grants the user enhanced strength, endurance and speed, and allows them to fly above the battlefield with a level of maneuverability that outshines even a rocket bike.
Ammo: Rocket pods good for 20 kilometers.
Stat Restriction: 0 Auxiliary skill.

10 | Full (Heavy) Milno-Plate variant

Description: An armor made of thinned down version of battleplate, cut to fit on the Mk Series and MCP Series suit frames. The chest piece can take a military gauss rifle round or up to a minute of sustained laser fire or (probably) several gunpowder-powered weaponry bullets and let you keep going. This is a Heavy (or Full) variant of this armor, that covers the entirety of the user's body. Unfortunately, it is fairly heavy and equipping the whole set will weigh down a MkIII's exoskeleton enough as to deny it its original strength bonus according to Word of God, to mention nothing of flight mobility. The plates' defensive properties have already been tested in the field.
Developed by Milno Enedrasi

~10 | Protectorate Suit

Description: Protectorate suits are essentially similar to Milno's modified MKIII. They're a batteskin which increases the strength, endurance and speed of the wearer while also protecting them from damage. They can't fly and don't dodge as well, but if used right, with the counter driven fighting style the Heavy protectorates use, it is very effective. And it's named that because the ones who use it are called "Heavy Protectorates"
A jumpsuit that covers your entire body aside from your head, hands and feet (it does protect the neck). Shrugs off gauss rifle rounds and laser fire like nobody's business, but is pretty heavy on account of the hundreds of little metal plates woven into its structure in a manner that does not interfere with movement.
Stat Requirement: A herculean build, apparently! Or perhaps an exoskeleton.

10 | "Fancy" Shield

Description: Kite shield with battlesuit plate resilience. Light enough to be carried by someone with a MkIII, exactly how heavy it is for unaugmented humans hasn't been tested so far.

6 | Arbiter Coat

Description: Basically the same as an avatar cloak, just lighter and less protective.

13 | Man-Sized Avatar Cloak

Description: Durable, badass-looking and derived from an intimidating piece of hardware, the man-sized Avatar cloak can be useful if you want considerable protection from various nasties as well as relatively free movement, although it does apparently weigh as much as an equivalent cloak of lead. Resists impact from military gauss rounds sustaining no apparent damage, resists HEP shots but becomes orange with heat and can resist sweeping attacks from cutting lasers whilst being damaged in the process, though focused fire burns through it.

? | EHP Helmet

Description: A fairly heavy helmet designed for Extreme Heat and Pressure. It's plates are designed to be nigh incompressible and insanely heat resistant.
Optional features:
  • There is a full suit of this.

? | Reactor Tech Helmet

Description: A heavy helmet designed for high radiation work, made almost entirely of extremely dense, radiation inhibiting material, to keep workmen safe while repairing active reactors. Weighs about 15kg
Optional features:
  • There is a full suit of this.

? | Fatman Suit

Description: A bomb-proof suit, designed specifically to protect against the effects of explosives. The entire chest and lower body of the suit is a single armor plate with no articulation at the waist. The back is similar. The arms are longer than normal and end in heavily armored mechanical manipulators rather than gloves. The legs have miniature riot shields on the shins, which cover both legs when standing, and form an additional wall in front of the user while sitting. The helmet is essentially a huge chunk of armor sitting on the shoulders of the suit.

? | High Guard Armor

Description: Massive white ballistic armor worn by High Guards. Made of ceramic. you'll need to be pretty modified to wear it.

? | Walking Bastion

Description: Some sort of heavy armour. You'll need to be pretty modified to wear it. It uses automanips.

? | Public Avenger Gear

Description: More armour with almost nothing known about it. Quick, let's test it's thickness!

20 | Industrial Suit

Description: Designed for ultra large machine cities, specifically to allow people to survive great amounts of blunt force trauma from falling from great heights, getting slammed by swinging things, or falling into vats of molten steel. Helmet alone weighs about 7kg.
Optional features:
  • There is a full suit of this.

50+ | Anomaly Suit

Description: A very heavy speciality suit designed for use with unknown and potentially highly dangerous materials. Protects you from all manner of weird shit. Has massively heavy armor plating to protect against anything from physical impact to electrical discharge, and has build-in field manipulators to automatically negate harmful forces. Helmet alone weighs about 40kg. Word of GM states it as more expensive than an Avatar of War. You can purchase individual parts like the helmet for lower prices but, like the suit, they are extremely heavy.
Due to Lurker corruption, automanipulator output is highly unpredictable. Both the strength and the nature of its output can be much different than intended.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

Medical TechEdit

Pills generally require Medical rolls only if you're trying to determine a good dosage. Just taking a pill is roll-free.

Cost | Item Name

1 | Anti-Shock Meds

Description: A capsule of anti-shock medication designed to be slotted into a suit's med intake port and injected by the suit itself. Come in packs of 6.

1 | Painkillers

Description: A capsule of pain numbing medication designed to be slotted into a suit's med intake port and injected by the suit itself. Comes in packs of 6.

1 | Coagulant Boosters

Description: A capsule of anti-bleeding medication designed to be slotted into a suit's med intake port and injected by the suit itself. Comes in packs of 6.

1 | Medi-foam

Description: A can of medical foam used to seal open wounds. Part of Advanced Kit, but can be purchased separately. Comes in packs of 2.
Ammo: Single use

2 | Battle Stims

Description: Battle Stims are a tailored performance enhancers that can be formulated to work with any stat or skill, giving the user a dynamic +1/-1 to their actual roll when using that skill or stat. There is, however, a chance that you might develop an addiction to them, depending on your endurance.

2 | Pressure Tent

Description: A single use, self building, pressurized tent designed to be deployed during a mission in order to provide a relatively safe environment where more complex suit repair and medical aid can be carried out. And when we safe safe, we mean pressurized and filled with breathable gasses, not armored, so don't go deploying it under fire and hiding behind it.
Ammo: Single use, cannot be repacked.

3 | Emergency Kit

Description: Allows the user to fix any number of minor suit malfunctions or simple injuries. Not effective for major failures, organic or artificial, but for small fixes it's got everything you'll need. Can be used up to 5 times.

4 | Brain Saver

Description: A backpack that can hold a severed head submerged in chemicals and biogel, keeping it fresh and preventing permadeath or stat loss.
Stat Restriction: +2 Med
Designed by Dubley Steptimus.

4-5 | Surgical Tools

Description: Allows the user to install prosthetics on injured teammates! Medical skill isn't required, but is recommended if you want actually want it to function.
Ammo: Prosthetic purchased seperately

5 | Advanced Kit

Description: It's a lot like the ordinary emergency kit, but more advanced. Used to deal with bigger problems, like broken servos or herniated major organs. Can be used up to 5 times.

10 | Sharkmist limb/organ construction vat

Description: A big vat of sharkmist that can grow any limb or organ out of sharkmist. Just add some milkshakes (or appropriate organic carbon source) and let it stew for a few hours. However, one vat can only grow 1 kind of thing about the mass of a big arm or leg, and it can only be ‘programmed’ once. Limbs can be made to be usable on both sides of a body however. Usable for both people and robobodies (same kind of limbs can be used for both). These limbs or organs, once taken out of their production vat, have limited self-repair capabilities, and can be attached in the field for when teammates carelessly misplace their original one. These limbs are not as strong or dexterious as the original ones though, so one still gets a normal replacement after the mission. The vat can be taken with you, needs exoskeleton to carry but battlesuit-level strength is recommended. Though the sharkmist is modified not to give a grey goo scenario, try not to spill it on the ground regardless. Bathing in the vat is ill-advised and voids the non-existent warranty.
Ammo: Organic materials as food
Designed by Yancy Hargraves and Miyamoto de Bergerac

General ImplantsEdit


Free | Robot body

Description: The standard robot body your brain is put in when your body is destroyed.
Note: It is only free if your body is destroyed. Or if your brain is outside of the meatsack you call your body.

4 | Synth-limb

Description: A synthetic prosthetic grown using electroreactive semi-organics and...that's all going right over your head huh? It's a synthflesh limb. You can use it to replace a limb you carelessly misplaced or one you just don't like. Unlike your squishy, imperfect limbs, this limb will never tire or waiver, and is also significantly stronger. Good for when you want the powers of the Godhand. Any spacesuits you use will be modified to allow the arm to be kept outside the suit.
Due to Lurker corruption, proximity with amplifiers and manipulators can cause strange effects.
Stat Restriction: +1 Endurance
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

5 | CamEyes Implant

Description: Replaces your old seeing-balls with new, high tech, electronic ones. New vision filters include: Infrared, x-ray, motion tracking, 2-10X zoom, and radiation scanning. Also, it gives you creepy, unblinking, solid black eyes. Just a heads up. Also no, you can't buy just one for half the price. Nice try.

15 | Heavy Robotic Body

Description: The Heavy Robotic Body is essentially just a mobility-variant assaultsuit shrunk to the size of a very large man, designed to contain only a single braincase rather than a full cockpit. While it is less protective than a full-size assaultsuit, and necessitates its user losing their human body, it allows almost unlimited mobility comparable to that of other infantry--while retaining tank-level armor. Comes in multiple variants.
Ammo: Rocket pods good for 20(?) kilometers.
Stat Restriction: +1 Auxiliary skill.

20 | Synth-Flesh Body

Description: Rather then a human body, which is squishy and prone to dying for the most inconsequential of reasons, or a robotic body, which is nice but so dreadfully common these days, why not go with a full synthflesh body? It's not only stronger and faster then even an exoskeleton aided body, but it allows for superhuman feats of dexterity and endurance as well! With a body like this, you can do almost anything.
Due to Lurker corruption, proximity with amplifiers and manipulators can cause strange effects.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

Add-ons,_Gene-Mods ADD-ONS

Mechanical body and Synthflesh Add-onsEdit

Note: Robobody and Synthflesh Add-ons require Mind to use. At 0 Mind, you can have up to 1 implant without side effects. At +1 you can have up to 2, and so on. If you go over the total your Mind limit would allow, it will cause you to have to complete two rolls when using add-ons. The first for seeing if you can actually activate the system correctly, the second for the intended use. Note, not all add-ons are compatible with each other.

1 | Removable Eyes

Description: This simple mod allows the user to remove their mechanical eyes, yet continue to see through them via wireless transmission. Useful for spying on an area or seeing around corners.
Incompatible with: Other eye based modifications

3 | Kinamp Fists

Description: This is a kinetic amp built into the knuckles of the fist of one hand. Simple, but extremely effective.
Due to Lurker corruption, kinetic amp output is no longer consistent. It can be much weaker or much stronger than expected.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!
Incompatible with: Other modifications to the hand.
Stat Restriction: 0 Unconventional Weapons

3 | Enhanced Mobility Feet

Description: A pair of three toed, triangular shaped feet designed for mobility on varying surfaces and in different environments. Increases jump height and running speed, as well as allowing for things such as walking up walls or along ceilings, and using the feet to grab and manipulate things.
Incompatible with: Any modification which changes the feet.
Stat Restriction: 0 Dexterity

3 | Head Turret

Description: This modification replaces the normal humanoid head with a swiveling, gimble mounted gauss turret. The turret is based on the Gauss Rifle and uses the same ammo, however it is controlled via Aux as opposed to Con. The user's main “eye” optics are placed on the barrel of the gun, to allow for proper aiming.
Incompatible with: Other head based modifications
Stat Restriction: +1 Auxiliary

4 | Remote Hand

Description: This system embeds a small transmitter into one hand and allows the user to easily detach the hand and to then control and see through the disconnected limb. This system is wireless and has a range of several miles.
Incompatible with: Other modifications to the hand.
Stat Restriction: 0 Auxiliary

5 | Laser Eyes

Description: This system embeds a pair of laser emitters and focusing arrays inside the head and uses a pair of modified mechanical eyes as the final lens and aiming system. In essence, it's laser vision. The downside is that these eyes, while as good as standard eyes, lack the additional vision modes often found in mechanical eyes. The lasers run off internal power sources, so while they will never run out of ammo, you should be careful about overusing them, lest your body shut down for a time, till it can charge up again. This laser's power is akin to that of a Laser Rifle.
Incompatible with: Other eye and head based modifications
Stat Restriction: 0 Conventional Weapons

5 | Extra Arm

Description: A simple addition of an extra limb to the existing body. This limb mirrors the existing limbs in design, and is ordinarily placed just above or just below the existing arms. It is otherwise identical to the existing limbs. Cost is per extra limb.
Incompatible with: None

5 | Tentacle Arms

Description: This replaces both of a user's normal arms with flexible tentacle like versions. These arms resemble thick tentacles but end in 5 individual tendrils to replace the fingers. These limbs are more dexterous and capable of reaching into small places or carefully manipulating things, but they are somewhat less powerful in terms of raw strength.
Incompatible with: Other arm based modifications
Stat Restriction: +1 Exotic Weapons

6 | Kinetic Piledriver Fist

Description: A somewhat complex arm system which uses a combination of magnetically accelerated weighted piston and kinetic amp to blast powerful shockwaves out through 6 small apertures around the wrist. The system is heavy and requires a bit of time between successive uses, but is very powerful and able to obliterate soft targets and even some armored ones in a single blow.
Due to Lurker corruption, kinetic amp output is no longer consistent. It can be much weaker or much stronger than expected.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!
Incompatible with: This system completely modifies one arm. This modified arm can not be used for other add-ons.
Stat Restriction: 0 Unconventional, +1 Strength

6 | Monoblade Attachment

Description: This modification hides an extendable monoatomic machete inside the body's forearm. When activated, the blade extends out through the palm and can be used normally.
Incompatible with: Modifications to the hand and arm.
Stat Restriction: +1 Unconventional Weapons

6 | Braincase Mobility System

Description: This system encloses the life support systems and power source of the brain case in a armored shell which is then mounted on highly mobile spider like mechanical limbs and placed in the body. In the event that the body should be rendered completely inoperable, this secondary system can be activated and allow the brain to move about of its own accord. It comes prepackaged with a lightweight laser system for defense, until a suitable replacement body can be found.
Incompatible with: Braincase Escape System
Stat Restriction: +1 Mind, +1 Auxiliary

6 | Braincase Escape System

Description: Rockets strapped to your braincase, so you can press a button to eject it and GTFO. Designed for escaping from overloads, bombs and stuff like that. Very high speed and range, but not very maneuverable.
Incompatible with: Braincase Mobility System
Stat Restriction: +1 Mind, +1 Auxiliary

8 | Electrified Surface System

Description: Covers the body in a metallic mesh which can then be electrified to deal damage to anything touching the body. This power comes from internal sources, so it will never need to be “reloaded” but over use can cause the body to shut down for a period of time while it recharges.
Incompatible with: Other armor packages

10 | Advanced Armor Package

Description: This package coats the body in a resistant armor coating that increases the body's resistance to electricity, cutting, crushing, radiation and other common forms of damage.
Incompatible with: Other armor packages

10 | Enhanced Capacity

Description: Various total body modifications which increase the body's mastery of a particular Stat or skill. However, only one of these can be applied at a time, as the modifications are often mutually exclusive.
Incompatible with: Multiple versions of itself


Note: These are essentially the same as the robotic modifications but they use Endurance instead. At 0 End, you can have up to 1 gene-mod without side effects. At +1 you can have up to 2, and so on.

3 | Enhanced Eyes

Description: This gene therapy changes the structure of the eyes, allowing them to see across a broader spectrum and to detect differences in temperature. Though not quite as versatile as cameyes, they are still quite useful. They appear mostly normal, though the iris and pupil will be enlarged and cover most of the white of the visible eye.

3 | Platelet Efficiency Over-haul

Description: This therapy increases the efficiency with which the body handles bleeding, effectively removing the danger of bleeding out from external or internal wounds.

3 | Enhanced Smell

Description: This modification changes the olfactory senses of the user, allowing them to much more precisely identify and separate out various odors in the air. Good for tracking or identifying the chemical components of something via its smell.
Stat Restriction: Intuition 0

5 | Toxin Sac

Description: This modification causes the body to grow a natural venom or toxin sack, which can be linked to fangs, hypodermic claws, or a breath mist system. This venom can be tailored to have a variety of effects, though this may mean an increase in price, depending on the desired effect.
Stat Restriction: Endurance +1

5 | Bladed Nails

Description: This causes the nails on both the fingers and toes to grow into long, sharpened claws made out of dense, biometallic substances. The claws are sharp edged and pointed, allowing them to easily puncture or slice. Your suit will be modified to allow the claws to be used even while still suited up.
Stat Restriction: Unconventional Weapons 0

5 | Tail

Description: Causes the growth of a fleshy, prehensile tail.

5 | Trauma Partition Membrane Therapy

Description: This gene therapy causes the body to deal with traumatic injuries in a new way, through the use of internal partitioning membranes which effectively sever all fluid and chemical transmissions to and from the damaged area. Effectively, the damaged part is severed from the body without actually being cut away. You'll still have to drag that broken leg, but at least it won't hurt.
Stat Restriction: Endurance 0

6 | Neural Tissue Strengthening

Description: This gene modification strengthens the capacity of the brain to deal with mental or physical trauma. When rolling against attempted mental intrusions and similar effects, the user gains a dynamic bonus of 1.
Incompatible with: Distributed Neural Tissue
Stat Restriction: Mind 0

6 | Ball Joints

Description: This modification is one of the stranger ones. It replaces most of the joints in your body with ball and socket joints similar to the ones in your hip and shoulder, along with modifications to your muscular system so that they can actually be used. This greatly increases flexibility and range of movement, without weakening the body overall. It is, essentially, a lesser form of Elasticity.
Incompatible with: Muscle Augmentation
Stat Restriction: Dexterity +1

6 | Elasticity

Description: Elasticity heavily modifies the body, softening the bones and allowing tissues to easily stretch and squish without taking damage. Limbs can even stretch beyond their normal length. This makes the body highly resistant to crushing, falling and similar damage, immune to broken bones, and able to squeeze into tight spaces.
Incompatible with: Muscle Augmentation
Stat Restriction: Dexterity +2

8 | Non-Newtonian Tissue

Description: This genetic modification greatly modifies body chemistry and make up, allowing normally soft tissues to harden greatly when struck. This hardening does not completely prevent damage, but it does greatly reduce the damage, especially from blunt forces such as bullets. You won't be able to shrug off those gauss shells like superman, but you can take one to the chest and keep going.
Incompatible with: Muscle Augmentation, Elasticity, Perfected Regeneration, IVAN treatment
Stat Restriction: Endurance +1

10 | Cellular Control

Description: This gene modification allows the user to consciously control their own cells to a degree; enabling them to enhance certain aspects of their physiology at the expense of others. The user may move a +1 from any physical stat to any other physical stat (For example, If you have strength at +3 and Dex at +1, you can shift it to Strength +2 and Dex+2) Only one stat may be moved at a time, and these changes take several hours of concentrated effort.
Stat Restriction: Endurance +1

10 | Limiter Unlock

Description: The human body is an amazing thing; the amount of strength and speed it is capable of when not restrained by natural limiters is something most people would describe as superhuman. This gene therapy effectively removes those limitations and allows the user to act at the peak of their body's capacity. Of course, those limiters are there for a reason, and acting beyond them damages the body. Mechanically, what this means is that a player can choose to act beyond their natural capacities with regard to any stat roll, auto succeeding (within limits). However, doing this costs one level of skill in that stat (Ie, if you have strength +3, and use this skill to auto succeed on a strength check, then your strength would drop to +2) which will remain lowered until the body has had enough time to heal. Stats may be lowered to -2, but no farther.
Stat Restriction: Endurance +1, Strength +1, Dexterity +1

10 | Perfected Regeneration

Description: This modification allows the body to, with adequate time and material, completely regenerate from any injury, including the loss of limbs. It can even allow for the regeneration of brain tissue, though some loss of Skills may result. This regeneration is no faster then normal healing, it simply allows for healing far beyond that of what would normally be possible for a human.
Incompatible with: Non-Newtonian Tissue, Fibroblast Enhancement Therapy
Stat Restriction: +1 Endurance

10 | Muscle Augmentation

Description: This modification greatly increases the density of the user's bones as well as the effective strength of their muscle tissue. It grants them a strength equal to that of a exoskeleton system.
Incompatible with: Ball Joints, Elasticity
Stat Restriction: Strength +1

10 | Distributed Neural Tissue

Description: This modification causes the neural tissue of the brain to be distributed throughout the nervous system, collecting in bunches and nodes mainly along the spine and large nerves of the upper limbs. This means that direct shots to the head will no longer be fatal via the destruction of the brain. However, damage to the distributed Neural tissue via damage to the parts of the body that it has gathered in may result in the loss of skills or stat mastery.
Stat Restriction: Endurance +1

10 | Fibroblast Enhancement Therapy

Description: A lot of people, upon hearing that they've been genetically enhanced to have superhuman healing capabilities, will immediately do something foolish. This could mean anything from reckless behavior to shooting themselves in the foot. Just to be clear to those of you who have read too many comic books: This makes you heal faster and better than a normal person, Preventing any kind of stat loss from death, it does not let you regenerate limbs or heal fatal wounds nearly instantly. A bit of shrapnel through the brain/heart/lung/spine will still ruin the last few seconds of your life.
Incompatible with: Perfected Regeneration
Stat Restriction: Endurance 0

10 | Enhanced Capacity

Description: Various total body modifications which increase the body's mastery of a particular Stat or skill. However, only one of these can be applied at a time, as the modifications are often mutually exclusive.
Incompatible with: Multiple versions of itself

20 | IVAN treatment

Description: Utilizing data retrieved from the events surrounding former Inmate Ivan Yankovichy and experimental data gathered after his final sealing, we have perfected this genetic therapy. This gene therapy is a form of retaliatory mutations, causing the user's body to rapidly mutate and change in response to damage and stress. Unlike Ivan, whose mutations were permanent and cumulative, this treatment's mutations revert to normal over time.
Incompatible with: None, but some genemods might cause... issues.


Cost | Item Name

? | Misc

Description: Sometimes a man might want a handful of ball bearings or a strip of magnesium or a ...ahem... a video for his special happy alone time. You ask for it and we'll do our best to get it. For a price, of course.

? | Various drugs

Description: Includes things such as booze, smokes, etc.

0? | Universal Sheath

Description: a rather ugly but functional square metal sheath. The innards of the sheath seem to conform to the shape of whatever blade you put in it. Neato.

0+ | Scrap Metal

Description: It's just scrap metal. The first ten pounds are free, after that it costs either 10 pounds for 1 token or 40 pounds for 4 tokens.

1 | Paralysis Gas Canisters

Description: Originally bought as part of a non-lethal system for Milno's helmet, these canisters contain compressed paralysis gas. Not good at all if your targets are in suits or are otherwise protected, but they remain an option for subduing civilians.
Ammo: Canisters. 6 canisters for 1 token.

1 | Extra Fuel

Description: This is the way to enhance your MkIII suit's flying range. Each token gives you an extra small maneuvering rocket pod for the MkIII and since the fuel is stored inside the pods themselves, that grants you roughly 10% more flight time. It also comes at the price of increased explosiveness since you now have extra rocket fuel glued to your back.
Amount: 1 token gets you one extra pod.

1/2 | High Tech Cleaver

Description: A large metal cleaver with a black blade. Much better than an ordinary blade. It can hack right through a MKI suit, maybe even puncture the solid metal helmet. You could also get one in a different shape like combat knife or bayonet for the same price.

2 | Jumping Leg Braces

Description: Basically a set of jumping stilts, these leg brace things use simple mechanics (including weird metallic springy crescents) to basically give you spring-assisted steps. You need to be pretty dexterous to use them without breaking something or falling on your ass, but they do work if you need some way of propelling yourself around faster than your legs will carry! Also, these add about a foot to your total height, so you might not want to use them indoors.
Stat Requirement: Some Dexterity

2 | Attractive Bauble

Description: A small golden marble. Grabs the attention of whoever sees it, to the point that they forget about whatever they're doing in order to stare at or try to obtain it. Mind rolls can be used to ignore the bauble, but it will otherwise effect friend and foe alike, including the user. A useful distraction but potentially dangerous.

3 | Etchex

Description: A 40 gallon barrel of chemical used to etch and cut metal.

3/4 | Self-Sealing Gel

Description: If you're worried about your rocket pods going off like the angry mix of a molotov cocktail and a fragmentation grenade upon damage, this upgrade is of your interest. A layer of sealing gel is included into your pods, guaranteeing you only have to worry about friendly fire, the possibility of catastrophic system failure upon damage, aliens, enemy fire, friendly fire, flying monsters, showers of debris, friendly fire...
Amount: 3 or 4 tokens to seal all your pods (needs a second check).

3/4 | Electromagnetic Pulse Shielding

Description: Do you want your MkIII to be EMP-proof? Maybe you don't, but if one of those pulses hits you right in the mug during a mission, you'll only have time for regrets and whining as you plummet towards what's likely to be painful and gory death.
Amount: 3 tokens for simpler shielding job that encompasses the more vital systems. 4 tokens for a more complete job.

3 | Gauss Rifle sniper conversion kit (plus others, theoretically)

Description: A kit that transforms the gauss rifle into a sniper rifle, changing its very nature dramatically!. Includes bipod, smart-scope and special replacement barrel! But you may want to consult the Armory Master on price. She may have changed it, loveable scamp that she is. Other conversion kits are also available, including a versatility kit that apparently makes it work by bolt action and more! Consult Armory Master for further information.

3 | Changeling Mask

Description: A rather extreme type of implant that allows you to freely alter your facial appearance, even rather drastically.

4 | Chem-off

Description: A substance that reacts to almost nothing. Good for painting your armour with if you are planning on taking a dive on CIF3. 4 tokens buys enough to coat your armor.

4 | Cloak of Invisibility

Description: It's a cloak that bends light around you, though the illusion is certainly not perfect. You can move around in it, however, and it's pretty cheap, to boot!

2 | Grappling Hook Launcher

Description: It's basically a small gauss rifle attached to your wrist that fires the hook with some cord attached to it rather then bullets. You can adjust the force to fire farther or closer. It has a small motor on the upper arm to reel the hook in.

5 | Impact Gel Inserts

Description: Gel padding that lessens impact damage, with no specific data on how efficient they are when it comes to softening impact from bullets.
Amount: 5 tokens get you inserts for the entire body; less tokens if you want just for head, torso and other important parts.

5/6 | Shade Cloak

Description: The Shade Cloak is standard equipment for Urban Executors; it projects a visually-convincing image, allowing Urban Executors to appear to be wearing different styles of clothing. It can also project a different body shape, allowing them to (within reason) appear thin/fat, musclebound/flabby, male/female, etc. when they're not. Usually used in conjunction with the Changling Mask, which alters facial structure and appearance, and which is a separate item.

6 | Impact Boots

Description: They're boots with very weakened kinetic amplifiers installed in them - these allow you to make considerable steps and give you quite a leg up in speed and dodging (and kicking), although they have a very unfortunate tendency to require sturdy footing, since they are kinetic amplifier boots. They also require a significant amount of fine-tuning to your weight and specifications to make them properly usable, hence the cost.
Due to Lurker corruption, kinetic amp output is no longer consistent. It can be much weaker or much stronger than expected. For that reason, you are advised to not purchase this, as you are very likely to end up without legs.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

6 | QEC

Description: The Quantum Entanglement Communicator (QEC) is the ultimate in communication equipment. It allows for instantaneous communication across any distance (meaning you can be in another solar system when using it and it won't matter) and is impossible to inhibit or eavesdrop. As long as you are not in another dimension, plane of existence, anomalous zone or such nonsense, your message will get through. The only problem is that it consumes "fuel" (entangled particles) to communicate and can only communicate with a single device (another QEC on board the Sword, usually).

7 | Passive Kinetic Barrier

Description: An automanipulator shield. Automatically manipulates the vector of anything entering it's field at dangerous speeds. Can only operate so quickly, so it will not work well against quick firing weapons or lasers. Will not work on projectiles significantly larger than a softball. Limited charges.
Due to Lurker corruption, automanipulator output is highly unpredictable. Both the strength and the nature of its output can be much different than intended.
Requires explicit permission from Steve!

7 | Mewing Fleshmass

Description: An ball of flesh about the size of two fists. It's makeup is nearly identical to human flesh, with small bundles of organ and neural tissue in a coating of fat, skin and muscle. Unlike humans however, it can be cut in half and each half, given food, will grow back into their full form. Makes a variety of noises to identify various sensations and inputs, from pain to radiation exposure to attempted mind control. A helpful analog for human testing and more telling than a simple metal pole. Named for their “normal” mewing sound.

9 | VR Backpack

Description: A portable VR machine that can be worn as a backpack.
WARNING: Use causes every enemy in the area to suddenly, and inexplicably, realize where that player is, and that that player bears an uncanny resemblance to the man who killed their father, raped their mother, and set their dog on fire.

10 | Armored Personnel Carrier

Description: The APC is a reasonably sized rectangular mass of heavy conventional armor atop tank treads. It's got small slit windows in the front and a hatch on top with a mounted, gunpowder machine gun near it. Inside are seats for 8 people. It's cramped and dimly lit but feels reasonably protective.

15 | Doomsday

Description: A substance that liquefies organic matter on contact.
Amount: 40 gallon barrel

15 | "The Ram"

Description: A military grade chemical used for breaching starship hulls. It doesn't really have a name as much as it has a number, but it's commonly called "The ram" because of it's use opening up holes for boarding parties.
Amount: 40 gallon barrel

15 | Pocket Dimension

Description: A system created using data gathered from Mission 2 and the late Morul's Void Suit. Allows for the creation of artificial pocket dimensions. The actual machine which allows for this is quite large, far too large to carry anywhere, but the dimension's spacial location can be varied, so while the machine itself sits safely on the ship, the dimension can be called to the user via a handheld interface. The dimension itself is of limited size, about a cubic mile, but its qualities and contents can be changed to fit the user's desires. The “Entrace/exit” of the dimension is much smaller than the dimension itself and seems to coexist with the “main” dimension, so that it does not “displace” material it appears on top of or within. Highly experimental and a great deal is undocumented and will require user experimentation.

? | Connector Cables

Description: Allow you to connect your suit to most things. Useful for interacting with things that lack a keyboard or wireless connection. That way, you can ask Steve to hack things for you, through his connection with your suit. Or you can use this to try and hack things yourself, like a real man.

? | Icepick

Description: They'll hack pretty much anything, eliminating the need for an AUX roll, but they're single use and sort of expensive.

? | Light Bending Spray

Description:A spraycan of paint that bends light. It won't make you completely invisible, but it will make you a hell of a lot harder to spot. Don't breathe it or let it touch your skin while wet.

Variable | Power Generator

Description: A power generator provides you with theoretically infinite power at a price, potentially obsoleting batteries for an increase in initial expense. For instance, for a mere 5 tokens you can obtain a weapon-mounted (adds +4 to a weapon's strength requirement) power generator that you can add to any battery-operated weapon (for the Laser Rifle, the generator recharges 10% of its charge every turn, and provides 60 seconds of continuous fire when fully charged) to remove the need for batteries! Infinite energy at your fingertips, you see. Expenses are proportional to power and inversely proportional to size, it seems, and are decided on a case-by-case basis.

The Armory Master's DesignsEdit


? | Steady blade

Description: The Steady blade system seems to be a program suite for the MK IIIs exoskeleton that is designed to make the user hit his target with a melee weapon if it is physically possible. The notes with the file indicate two main problems: injuries resulting from the program's lose constraints on "Physically possible" and injuries or fatalities because, while it always hits, it does so without mind to what the enemy is doing, often leading to both parties striking. The note rather peevishly continues that the one with the system tends to come out on top, regardless.

? | Eye-ball

Description: The Eye-ball is a large clear plastic ball with several cameras on the inside and moves via an internal system of weights which spin to build up movement in a particular direction. It is something like the cheap flying camera drones you've seen, but designed to be thrown and or driven around in urban or artificial environments to allow for scouting.

3 | AWaCCP

Description: The Adverse Weather and Conditions Communications Pack (AWaCCP) is basically a backpack unit designed to allow for radio communications even in circumstances that would normally inhibit them. The notes say that it works quite well, assuming the interference isn't caused by "Being in another dimension, plane of existence, anomalous zone or such nonsense."

? | "Gungnir" explosive delivery system

Description: Basically a rocket with many small maneuvering rockets studded over it's surface. Once fired it could maneuver to it's target almost anywhere, around corners, down holes, even moving backwards. More of a rocket propelled bomb drone then a true rocket.

3 | "Heat knife" amputation system

Description: Basically a machete sized blade, heated by electrical current, used to amputate and cauterize at the same time.

? | Universal door opener

Description: A manhole cover sized machine with built in kinetic amps and a cutting laser. Secured on doors, it will automatically breech them. Option to kinetically "shoot" the cut out section into the room.

? | Brain box

Description: A rather large machine designed to hold a severed head and keep it preserved and ready for reanimation. Requires head to be hooked up to feed of chemicals and submerged in biogel. Machine is very heavy and large, technically portable but also fairly fragile.

1 | Cartographer

Description: A suite of augmented reality mapping tools, allowing you to place virtual marks or notes in rooms or on walls, to leave a "Dotted line" path where ever you walk, to create maps of areas on the fly and other things.


? | Grenade

Description: An electronic grenade with both timer and remote activation fuse. Various designs, fragmentation, high explosive, "Thermite spray", Emp, etc.

? | Rocketlauncher and rockets

Description: A simple rocketlauncher and rocket with limited homing capabilities and remote detonation. Several rockets including standard directed explosive for armor piercing, high explosive for unarmored targets, and an anti-infantry "Razor spray" rocket designed to explode near a group of people and give them a shotgun spray of shrapnel as well as explosive force.

? | Auto-Garrote

Description: A string of thin, strong wire between two handles with motorized wenches inside them. When handles are placed together the wenches activate and rewind the cord with extreme force. Handles lock together when they touch, allowing the Garrote to be released and automatically strangle/behead the target.

? | Injector Blade

Description: A sword with a hole in the tip and a tube running through the center. Designed to be stabbed into target and then to activate a rapid dump of compressed air from a tank in the handle, causing a rapid, explosion like expansion of gas in the target. Causes massive soft tissue damage.

? | Laser drones

Description: What amount to hand lasers mounted on bases that can be affixed to walls, ceilings or floors, and will automatically fire on movement. Designed for guarding corridors.

? | Battlesuit Group shield

Description: A massive metal wall designed to be carried by a Battle suit that team mates can hide behind.

? | Silenced Gauss pistol

Description: Exactly what it sounds like: A pistol sized Gauss rifle with attachments to silence any noise from the air being displaced by the movement of the shell or the sound of the gun itself charging.

? | Squawk box

Description: An explosive designed to be placed next to a door with the trigger being the opening of the door. Has built in speaker and recording of people talking. Designed to lure enemies to their deaths.

? | Lightning rifle

Description: Fires what amounts to a small harpoon trailing a highly conductive wire. After striking and embedding itself in the target a tesla sabre level charge is passed through the wire and into the target.

? | Heavy blade Monowire Variant

Description: Heavy blade with Monoatomic razor like sections all down it's blade.

4 | Multi-role weapon MKII

Description: A strange sort of combination of a spear, a sword and a laser rifle. Basically a 4 foot long, light weapon with and odd handle that appears to be a mix of a rifle butt and grip and a sword handle and cross guard with the grip and trigger built into the cross guard. Clearly designed to be used as both a melee weapon and a rifle.
Ammo: 120 second battery, same as the Laser Rifle


? | G-shells

Description: The data on these is thin at best, seems to be just a concept, but appears to be a bullet that, when it hits it's target, generates a powerful, localized gravitational field.

? | All purpose organic Kill round

Description: The all purpose organic killing shells are basically hollow point gauss shells filled with some nasty shrapnel and a chemical that causes carbon based organic compounds to break down. Causes terrible effects in organic, carbon-based life

? | Kinetic round

Description: Kinetic rounds are basically gauss rounds with a kinetic amp built into the tip.

Prototypes Edit

These are prototypes that are still in the testing stage. Once they are 'officially' approved of, they can be added to the regular Armory listing.

Cost | Item Name

5 | Fleshknitter "Aqua Mortis"

Description: This innovative (some might say crazy) substance is based on adapted human stem cells. Once it enters the body, it comes to the closest organic tissue breach and quickly repairs it, allowing you to skip downtime and return to getting injured as soon as you want. Regenerates perfectly normal human flesh, up to fixing mild/moderate injuries, no prior modifications required. May possibly not work on monsters, genemodified humans, the Doctor's pet projects. Warning: does not grow organs right, so don't expect to replace your dead lungs with it and be able to breath. Excessive use may cause cancer.
Ammo: Single Can
It was invented by Dr. Maurice Sanctor [Nikitian].

6 | Suppressive Fire Entity "Pawn"

Description: A machine gun that uses electronically triggered, explosively propelled rounds. It can be fired both by the user and by other people via wristpad. A camera scope and balljoint stand can be attached, allowing it to be remotely aimed via wristpad. Remote detonators may be inserted into magazines allowing all rounds to be fired at once, making them act like claymore mines. Magazines may be stuck to objects. ClF3 rounds create clouds of poisonous fumes and fire.
Ammo: Drum Magazine with detonator, 30 rounds. 1 token for an empty magazine, 2 token for conventional, 3 token for ClF3
It was invented by Victor Nox [Empiricist]

7 | Plasma Stake Weapon "Jet Magnum"

Description: This "gun" that looks suspiciously like a rocket engine pointing the wrong way, is mounted on the forearm of a giant robot of your choice, and, if fired at the right moment, will effortlessly pierce up to two feet of almost any conventional armor on the target you punch, and burn anything beyond that for good measure. The hot plasma expands quickly, so it's pointless to use it beyond some ten feet of distance, and it won't pierce heavy armor unless fired point blank, but anything caught in the expanding cone of scorching and corrosive heat it produces better wear some damn good protection.
Ammo: Metal slugs, 2 per token for single load. 3 token for 5-round autoloader.
Stat Restriction: Battlesuit or larger body. Unconventional Weapons +1.
Developed by Anton "Blackeye" Chernozorov.

12-15 (pending testing results) | Piercing Energy Weapon "Zarya" (specifics subject to change pending review)

Description: In traditional Blackeye fashion, the weapon is bulky and very heavy. So much so that a typical human can't hope to lift it well enough to aim without power assist. What looks like a rounded engine block entangled in a web of piping forms the barrel of the gun, and the rest of it is connected by a thick cluster of flexible insulated hoses to a backpack attachment. Originally based on the High Energy Projector, the Zarya utilizes some clever, if blunt, mechanics to compress its wide beam into a very damaging, focused lance of force.
Features: Three firing modes. Standard shot, Compressed shot, Final shot.
  • Standard shot: Exactly like the High-Energy Projector. Beam width 2 meters, range of maybe a hundred meters before the beam breaks up. Can be used without expending coldplate ammo.
  • Compressed shot: Beam width of half a meter. Massive increase in effective range and penetration power. Uses up a coldplate. Firing without a coldplate is possible, but weapon will be rendered completely inoperable afterward.
  • Final shot: Beam width of just under a foot. Extreme range, double the penetration power of compressed shot. If used with a coldplate, weapon is rendered completely inoperable after shooting. If used without a coldplate, weapon spectacularly explodes into molten fragments during the shot.
Stat Restriction: Synthflesh body or full-power exoskeleton assist (Mk3 and up)
Ammo: Coldplates for compressed shot: Double-pack for 3 token (2 shots); N/A for regular shot. (custom power supply)
Firing rate limit: Once per minute
Developed by Anton "Blackeye" Chernozorov.


Description: An incredibly thin needle made of mythril. Pushing a button causes it to vibrate at a high frequency like a monorazor. It can easily pierce most armours, and does massive damage organic tissue. It is also capable of slowly cutting.
  • 5 tokens: 30 cm bayonet version
  • 15 tokens: meter long sword version
Stat Restriction: Unconventional Weapons +?
Developed by Dubley Steptimus

? | Corvid Drone

Description: A rocket powered laser firing drone, probably.
Armament: Spektr laser (without overcharge ability). Powered by rocket pods.
Mobility: four small rocket pods on gimballing mounts.
AI: simple, gunnerbot style AI. Follows owner and shoots stuff, doesn't do much else.
Stat Restriction: probably the same as a gunnerbot.
Developed by Kai Branden